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Witness the Age
Revolution with Us

Is Ageing only about frailty, fine lines and wrinkles? No, in fact these physical manifestations are a result of molecular and cellular dysfunction. They accumulate over time and cause age-related diseases. Research from the past two decades promises a revolutionary perspective into human healthspan and lifespan extension. We can now say “Ageing is Evitable”.

At Life Elements, we progress our understanding of the Science of Longevity Life through research, create personalised solutions for your health and build a community of “Centenarians”.


a new possibility

Learn how to reverse ageing naturally by reducing your cellular damage, improving your metabolic age and extending your health span. (The colours for each of the 3 aspects).

At Life Elements, with advanced science and research, we use an extensive age reversal technology to create solutions that slow down biological ageing and repair damage at the cellular and molecular levels, thereby providing protection against potential chronic diseases.

Ageing, gut feeling?
Indicator of your health

More than a trillion genes are encoded by millions of microorganisms in your gut - The Gut Microbiome.

Amongst a million microorganisms, the good ones help you maintain the biological processes in your body, while the bad ones increase the chances of diseases and infections. The collective function of the gut microbiome predetermines a lot of factors about your health.

What if you could know your gut microbiome profile?

With our Life Biome test, you can know your gut microbiome composition, and its impact on the development of chronic diseases, nutrient metabolism, and your health. Understanding your gut microbiome enables you to build a robust, personalised diet and a healthy lifestyle plan.

India’s 1st Longevity research company

Be a part of this revolution with Life Elements

Are you curious to improve your health and be a Biohacker?

At Life Elements, we host a community of biohackers, healthcare professionals, enthusiasts, and researchers, where you can gain scientific validation for your work and even learn the latest biohacking advancements focussing on the science of longevity!

Be a part of our centenarian family!