Senolytic Activator SeneVit Blend of Fisetin, Apigenin (30 Veg Caps.)

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Product specification

When to Consume

Take 1 capsule every alternate night after dinner, unless directed otherwise by your healthcare provider.

Serving Size

Serving Size: 1 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

✔ 30 Veg Capsules
Key Ingredients
✔ Fisetin (Strawberry Extract): 75mg
✔ Quercetin (Sophora Japonica Extract): 140mg
✔ Apigenin (Chamomile Extract): 100mg
✔ Piper Longum (Pepper Extract): 30mg


Our pills helps you in just more than one way it induces the sleep hormones and

Eliminates Zombie Cells:  

SeneVit enhances cellular health by eliminating senescent cells old, damaged cells((aka Zombie cells)) that contribute to ageing


SeneVit reduces inflammaging by minimizing senescent cell burden, fostering healthier tissues and mitigating age-related inflammation.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

SeneVit neutralizes free radicals and protects healthy cells from oxidative stress.

Potent blend for Senescence Cell

Unlike your average senolytic supplements, SeneVit leverages the potent effects of high-quality extracts of Fisetin, Quercetin, Apigenin, and Piper Longum. These ingredients are selected for their notable purity, enhanced stability, and stringent quality control. This potent combination provides SeneVit with a distinct advantage, offering superior cellular health and longevity benefits over regular senolytic supplements.

Targeting the Aging Process with fighting Senescence Cells

SeneVit, a potent blend of scientifically-backed ingredients, meticulously targets the hallmarks of aging.

Know your journey with SeneVit Supplement

With LongeVit, your journey towards enhanced vitality and well-being begins from day one. Within the initial two weeks, LongeVit sparks an energy renewal process similar to starting a powerful car. The NMN in LongeVit initiates a cellular recharging, boosting your vitality and enhancing mental clarity, sans any energy crash that comes with a caffeine hit.
Venturing into the first month, LongeVit transforms into a reliable everyday companion. This unique blend maintains your peak energy levels, effectively dissipating any traces of brain fog. It's comparable to having a dedicated personal assistant, keeping you alert and focused throughout the day. Plus, you'll witness a notable improvement in your skin health, radiating the glow akin to a well-rested night.
Adding ResVit to your wellness journey after this initial period elevates the entire experience. ResVit, with its potent mix of health-enhancing ingredients, synergizes beautifully with LongeVit to amplify your overall wellness. Antioxidants such as Trans-Resveratrol and Pterostilbene in ResVit join forces with LongeVit's NMN, creating a powerful line of defense against oxidative stress and promoting cell health.
As you continue this regimen, ingredients like N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Carnitine, and Glutathione in ResVit aid your body's natural detoxification processes, akin to experiencing the freshness post a thorough spring cleaning. The inclusion of Melatonin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A further supports healthy sleep, skin, and eye health. The fusion of LongeVit and ResVit on this wellness journey becomes a harmonious symphony, with each ingredient playing its part, yielding a melody of health, vitality, and graceful aging.

Benefits of SeneVit in Chronic Disease Management

SeneVit, with its blend of natural ingredients, is formulated to support overall health and target the biological processes that drive aging. It's important to note that while SeneVit can support healthy functioning and potentially aid in the management of some chronic conditions

However, it's crucial to remember that SeneVit is a supplement designed to support general health, not a medication intended to treat or cure diseases.

Breaking Free from Zombie Cells: How SeneVit Promotes Cellular Health

Breaking Free from Zombie Cells: How SeneVit Promotes Cellular Health

Have you ever woken up feeling groggy, even though you are rested well? Well, chances are your cells inside you have become a zombie! Nah, it isn't some horror fiction that we are drafting. When yo...

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