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Senolytic Activator SeneVit with Quercetin, Fisetin, Apigenin (30 Veg Capsules)

All the cells in our body can divide up to a certain number of times, after which they go in to a stable cell cycle arrest. In simplistic terms, the cells are not healthy and young, neither are they completely dead. They are "dying". Just like zombies. These cells are called Senescent Cells. They are highly toxic in nature, and can practically "Eat" the young cells around them often causing a slow down of tissue repair and promoting ageing process. Senescent cells are one of the key targets for age-related diseases like osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Senevit has highly researched ingredients that have demonstrated effective results as Senolytic Activators. "Seno" meaning senescent, and "lysis" meaning break down of cells. Senolytics therefore are a class of compounds that has the capability to selectively break or remove senescent cells. Senevit can combat cellular senescence burden on the overall tissues, promoting rejuvenation, and healthy cellular function. Senolytics are also being currently tested for their efficacy on treating senescence in brain cells.

Senevit has a mix of compounds associated with alleviating senescence associated phenotype.

Rs. 2,374.00

Senolytic Activator SeneVit with Quercetin, Fisetin, Apigenin (30 Veg Capsules)

Rs. 2,374.00

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  • 0-2 Week

    Reduces inflammation at the cellular level

  • 2-4 Week

    Boosts your body's metabolism Makes you look younger and healthier

  • 4-6 Week

    Promotes healthy ageing and makes you look youthful by preventing tissue and organ damage, and promoting cellular repair and healing

  • Helps keep your cells healthy and ensure they function optimally
  • Helps repair and restore cellular and tissue damage
  • Helps repair and restore organ damage
  • Helps improve your organ function
  • Helps in reducing the burden of 'Zombie cells' in your body
  • Helps prevent 'Zombie cells' from coming back
  • Helps your tissues heal and rejuvenate
  • Helps improve your overall performance


  • What does Senevit (Senolytic Activator) mean? What are senescent cells?

    Senolytic activators are a group of compounds that promote the killing or destruction of Senescent cells. When cells reach their maximum potential to divide, they enter in a phase of their life cycle, called, senescence. During this stage of the cell, the cell is not completely dead, but it remains "dying" and releases a lot of inflammatory and damaging molecules that can affect healthy cells around it, leading to entire tissue damage. Cells that are in their senescence stage are called senescent cells.

  • Why should I take Senevit (Senolytic Activator)? What benefits will I get from it?

    Senolytic activators have the ability to effectively reduce the burden and damage caused by senescent cells. By limiting the harmful activities of these cells, the healthy cells are saved from the damage caused by senescent cells. On a long term basis, this promotes optimal cellular health and tissue rejuvenation, leading to overall organ health improvement.

  • Does Senevit have any side effects?

    If taken according to the mentioned dosage, there are no reported side effects of using Senolytic Activators.

  • When and how should I take Senevit?

    Senevit is to be taken with water after the last meal of the day, every alternate day. Senevit doesn't need a daily dosage, since an effective formulation can serve the purpose.

  • At what age, should I start taking Senevit?

    Therefore, it is recommended to take Senevit for anyone who is more than 18-20 years in age.” to “Therefore, we recommend Senevit to anyone above the age of 18 years.

  • I have diabetes/hypertension/other diseases. Is it safe for me to take Senevit?

    No reported drug interactions or side effects have been observed by taking any of the ingredients in Senevit. Therefore, it is safe to be taken with the mentioned conditions.

  • Should I consult a doctor before starting Senevit?

    While supplements are largely taken by most people without a doctor’s prescription, we advise you to consult your physician before starting Senevit.