Bone and Muscle Health Bundle

Bone and Muscle Health Bundle

Decode Age Bone and Muscle Health Bundle comprises SeneVit, Ca-AKG, and NMN. These potent supplements work synergistically and enhance bone and muscle health. Ca-AKG helps muscle formation by enhancing protein synthesis and improves bone health by increasing calcium availability. NMN helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation and increases NAD+ levels in muscle cells. Together with SeneVit, their bioavailability is enhanced, improving muscle recovery and bone formation.
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Your Healthy Ageing Journey Starts Here. Decode Age’s Bone and Muscle Health Bundle

Reduces Inflammation

SeneVit, NMN, and Ca-AKG collaborate to eliminate senescent cells, decrease inflammatory cytokine production, and regulate inflammaging, resulting in soothing effects, reduced discomfort, and diminished inflammation in the body.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

This bundle effectively reduces oxidative stress by boosting glutathione levels, preserving mitochondrial function, and regulating oxidative pathways through free radical scavenging properties.

Improves Joint Health

NMN, Ca-AKG and SeneVit promote healthy cartilage and joint tissue, restoring flexibility and reducing pain. Senolytics, by reducing inflammation, further contribute to maintaining healthy cartilage and joints.

Improves Muscle Endurance 

The components work synergistically to support muscle endurance by providing essential nutrients, reducing inflammation, and promoting efficient cellular energy metabolism.

Increases Bone Density

The Ca-AKG supports calcium absorption and muscle function, Senolytics target senescent cells to reduce inflammation in osteoporosis, and NMN promotes NAD+ production, potentially enhancing cellular energy metabolism and sirtuin activation for improved bone health and density.

Promotes Cellular Health

The bundle enhances cellular health by improving NAD+ levels, eliminating senescent cells, and promoting bone density and mitochondrial health, providing comprehensive support for your bones and muscles.


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