Our Vision

Our vision is audacious yet attainable. We aim to become the global leader in the longevity sector, redefining healthy ageing for all generations. Through innovative ageing biotech and longevity sciences, we aspire to make 80 the new 50, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our Mission

Our mission at Decode Age is to empower individuals to attain optimal health, longevity, and well-being through innovative, evidence-based solutions. We strive to infuse more life into your years, not just years to your life, keeping you feeling vibrant and active, regardless of age.

Our purpose

Our purpose is anchored in a future where ageing doesn't equate to slowing down. We are revolutionizing healthy ageing by providing personalized, state-of-the-art products and services that inspire and empower individuals across the globe.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation: We foster a pioneering spirit, continually pushing the boundaries to develop groundbreaking products and services.
  • Integrity: We uphold transparency, honesty, and accountability, setting high ethical standards in all our interactions and decisions.
  • Excellence: We are committed to providing only the best for our customers, striving for outstanding performance in everything we do.
  • Collaboration: We recognize that longevity is a complex field that necessitates cooperation. We partner with leading experts to advance our understanding and push the envelope in longevity research.
  • Empathy: We deeply understand and cater to the diverse needs of our customers. We go beyond providing services – we journey with them towards a future of sustained vitality.
  • Impact: We aspire to create lasting, positive change. We measure our success not just by our bottom line, but by the real difference we make in people's health and well-being.

Meet our founders

We are going to live for 100 or beyond, join us in this age revolution.

Parth Amin

The Technologist with a Passion for Longevity

From sparking the Internet revolution to building successful tech ventures, Parth Amin has always been ahead of his time. But while his professional life flourished, his health suffered. Battling chronic inflammation and fatigue, Parth went on a quest to regain his well-being. This journey led him to the field of longevity, where he met his close friend and avid researcher, Darshit Patel. Together, they founded Decode Age, with the mission to make longevity solutions accessible to everyone. Parth now dedicates his time to crafting brand communication, expanding business networks, and building a team that shares his vision of a world where living 100 years of health is a reality.

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Darshit Patel

The Chief Scientific Officer and Longevity Enthusiast

As the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Decode Age, Darshit Patel is dedicated to slowing down the ageing process and creating community awareness about longevity. With a background in computational drug design and bioinformatics, Darshit leads the research and development efforts at Centenarian Lifescience, focusing on developing longevity-focused nutraceuticals, designing and developing biomarkers, and clinical applications of OMICs data. He is particularly passionate about the development of Decode Biome and the research on biomarkers of ageing. Aspiring to achieve the Nobel Prize for his contributions to the field, Darshit remains deeply committed to advancing global health and biotech sciences.

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Rakesh Somani

The Entrepreneur, Biohacker, and Athlete

With over 20 years of experience in building businesses and understanding human performance, Rakesh Somani is a shining example of what a healthy human being can achieve. As an entrepreneur, Rakesh has successfully nurtured businesses from scratch into profitable ventures, always with a long-term vision in mind. His journey into complete health began with a passion for running, which eventually led him to participate in multiple triathlons and become a dedicated biohacker. As Rakesh delved deeper into understanding chronic diseases and ageing, he became convinced that with the right lifestyle, it is possible to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. This belief forms the core of Decode Age, where Rakesh's vision is to make sickness a choice.

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Who We Are

We are a team of researchers and scientists striving to bring science-based supplements and predictive tests to improve health span.


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