Sports Performance Bundle

Sports Performance Bundle

Elevate your game with the Sports Performance bundle, meticulously designed to push the boundaries of sports and athletic performance. Our exclusive Bundle of NMN Supplement, SportVit, and Ca-AKG targets your body's natural processes to energize, rejuvenate, and optimize. With regular usage, you'll experience enhanced aerobic endurance, improved energy metabolism, and accelerated muscle recovery. Turn everyday into game day—experience Peak Performance.
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Your Healthy Ageing Journey Starts Here. Decode Age’s Sports  Booster Bundle

Boosts Energy and Performance 

NMN replenishes NAD+ levels, while Ca-AKG enhances Kreb’s cycle, contributing to improved clean cellular energy to fuel your workouts and minimise the jitters. 

Improves Mitochondrial Health

The synergy of taurine, CA-AKG, and NMN collectively enhances mitochondrial health by providing antioxidant support, promoting efficient energy production, and contributing to the overall maintenance of mitochondrial integrity and functionality.

Aids in Muscle Growth and Recovery

The compounds in SportVit synergize with Ca-AKG and NMN, promoting protein synthesis, muscle repair, glucose metabolism, cellular energy production, DNA repair, reducing ammonia levels, and improving blood flow.

Improves Aerobic Endurance

The synergistic effects optimise cardiovascular health, and improve blood flow, energy levels, and antioxidants, enhancing VO₂ max- a measure of your body's oxygen utilisation during exercise.

Enhances Joint and Bone Health

Continued supplement intake supports bone health, protecting against age-related bone loss. The synergetic effect promotes collagen boost and reduces inflammation promoting a healthy skeletal system.

Improves Mental Acuity

Enhanced energy, reduced oxidative stress, neuroprotective benefits, and neurotransmitter synthesis contribute to improved concentration and focus, paving your way to the top.


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