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Decode Age Capsule NMN UTHEVER 250 - World Purest NMN - 250mg, 30 Veg CapsulesNMN Uthever 250mg | Clinically Proven to Boost NAD+ | 30 Capsules
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Decode Age Powder NMN 100 Pure Sublingual Uthever NMN Powder, 100 GramsDecode Age Powder Uthever NMN 100 - Premium Pure Sublingual NMN Powder for Enhanced Vitality, Cognitive Boost & Healthy Ageing | Decode Age
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What is NMN?

NMN, a natural molecule, is gaining attention as the precursor to NAD+, a vital coenzyme in our body. Our DNA repair, energy metabolism, and even our internal biological clock rely on NAD+. As we age, our NAD+ levels decrease, leading some to believe that supplementing with NMN could be the key to turning back time, at least biologically.

Benefits of NMN Supplements

Though most of the existing research on NMN's some potential benefits include:

Enhanced Physical Endurance

Some athletes might find an increase in aerobic capacity with NMN.

Combating Obesity

Enhanced metabolism might help in converting food to energy more efficiently.

 Heart Health

The heart, our constant engine, might benefit from increased NAD+ levels.

Metabolic Boost

Preliminary findings suggest potential improvements in energy and weight management.

Cognitive Improvement

Early research hints at NMN's role in enhancing memory and cognition.

Disease Symptom Management

Studies are exploring NMN's effect on high blood pressure, liver health, and diabetes.

NMN & Ageing - A Closer Look

As we age, our susceptibility to health issues increases. This change corresponds with decreasing NMN and NAD+ levels. By our 50s, our NMN levels might be half of what they were in our vibrant 20s. By boosting NAD+, we might just find the secret to age-related decline prevention.

Natural Ways to Boost NMN

For those looking for a natural approach, foods like edamame, cucumbers, broccoli, and avocados contain NMN. Alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise, these foods can support NAD+ production.

Why Choose Uthever® NMN Over Regular NMN?

These attributes solidify Uthever® as a reliable and effective NMN supplement choice, backed by scientific evidence and stringent quality control measures.

Only Clinically Proven and Most Effective

Uthever® NMN is supported by a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, indicating significant benefits. In middle-aged and older adults, NAD+/NADH levels increased by 38% over 60 days, markedly more than in the placebo group​​.

FDA-Recognized Raw Material

Uthever® uses Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) as its raw material, recognized as safe by the FDA. This ensures the product's quality and safety from the source​​.

Advanced Manufacturing Process

EffePharm adheres to strict production specifications. The NMN raw material production is meticulously recorded and monitored, from procurement to sales, ensuring quality control at every step​​.

Purity and Authenticity Assurance

Uthever® NMN's purity and quality are verified through NMR and LC-MS testing, confirming a purity level of no less than 99%. Additionally, it is confirmed to be the biologically active β-type NMN​​.

Third-Party Quality Testing

Each batch of Uthever® undergoes rigorous self-inspection and third-party testing. Collaborations with internationally recognized institutions like Intertek, Summit labs, and Micro Quality Las ensure the highest standards of quality are met consistently​​

β-NMN: The Biologically Active Form

NMN exists in two stereo isomers: α-type and β-type. It's important to note that only the β-type NMN possesses biological activity. This means that for NMN supplements to be effective, they need to contain this specific isomer. β-NMN is the form that actively participates in the conversion process to NAD+ and is therefore essential in the supplementation aimed at boosting NAD+ levels in the body​

Environmentally Responsible Production

The enzymatic biosynthesis of Uthever® utilizes a self-developed biological enzyme, ensuring high conversion rates and selectivity. This process not only ensures product quality and safety but also minimizes pollutant emissions​​.

In the bustling market of NMN supplements, Uthever shines not just because of its top-tier quality but also its commitment to science and ethics. As we explore new horizons, our promise remains the same: your well-being is always at the heart of what we do. And that's what makes Decode Age the top choice for NMN supplements.

To Sum It Up

Navigating the world of NMN supplements might feel like a maze. But with Decode Age by your side, you're always in good hands. Committed to quality, backed by science, and driven by heart, we're here to bring the best of NMN straight to you.


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