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Autophagy: Definition, Process, causes & Supplements
Anti-Ageing Tips

Autophagy: Definition, Process, causes & Supplements

Cells employ a crucial mechanism known as autophagy to eliminate damaged components, ensuring their continued functionality and promoting overall cell health. Two significant factors that can trigg...

Anti-Ageing TipsHow to Slow Down the Aging Process

Stop the Clock! How to Slow Down the Aging Process

"Stopping the clock" symbolizes halting the ageing process, an impossible feat, but it can be slowed through mindful lifestyle changes. By raising awareness about age-related diseases and incorpora...

Anti-Ageing TipsWill Fasting Make You Live Longer?

Will Fasting Make You Live Longer?

Unlocking Longevity: Can Fasting Make You Live Longer? Fasting has been used therapeutically since at least the 5th century BCE when the Greek physician Hippocrates recommended abstinence from food...

Anti-Ageing Tipsdecodeage decode age senolytic healthy ageing longevity reverse ageing nmn nad+ booster gut microbiome biological age test senolytic ageing chronic disease, exercise diet longevity

Anti-ageing tips: Here's how to rewind your biological clock and take the reins of ageing in your control

As age increases our physical and mental health also changes. These changes can be cognitive or psychological and lead to emotional disturbances and reduced social interactions. This guide covers t...


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Anti-Ageing TipsHow to Age Well

How to Age Well - 10 Tips for Healthy Ageing

Ageing well is a universal aspiration, marked by physical vitality, mental acuity, and a fulfilling life. It is no longer secret that your body accumulates changes as you age. The ageing process ty...

Anti-Ageing Tips11 health benefits of Urolithin A on ageing, muscle endurance and gut health

11 health benefits of Urolithin A on Ageing, Muscle Endurance and Gut Health

Ellagitannins (ETs) and ellagic acid (EA), complex polyphenols prominent in foods like pomegranate, berries, and nuts, are naturally synthesised by our gut flora into a substance known as urolithin...