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4 anti-ageing or natural bio hacks to help you age, healthily and youthfully

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      Want to know the secret behind human longevity? Here are 4 natural biohacking tips to help you age, healthily and youthfully and additional at-home bio hacks that can improve your everyday functioning

      Biohacking aka do-it-yourself biology is a basic everyday science-based personalized health regimen that can ease your journey towards fitness goals. For many ‘biohackers’, this entails adopting minor, incremental dietary or lifestyle adjustments to improve your health and well-being where based on which aspects you look at it, biohacking could mean everything from drinking 2 litres of water every day to performing headstands and other Yoga asanas, to obsessively tracking everything that comes in and out of your body.

      The term ‘biohacking’ is now among the most popular commercial ventures as biohacking promises everything from rapid weight loss to improved cognitive function. However, the finest bio-hacking outcomes are obtained by being well-informed and cautious about what works for your body and most importantly what does not.

      Talking about how can biohacking impacts your longevity, Darshit Patel, Chief Scientific Officer at Decode Age, revealed in an interview with HT Lifestyle that there are several natural bio hacks that have proved to impact human longevity and help you age, healthily and youthfully. These include:

      1. Regular sleep

      Sleep is a profound meditation state in which you explore your subconscious as the thick ball of neurons in our skulls washes itself, cleaning away toxins. Sleep will help you live longer and avoid almost every disease. The following are the fundamental stages to perfecting this bio hack: zero cell phones during bedtime, no coffee or prescriptions before bed and no booze prior to bed since it disrupts sleep cycles. Establish a reasonable sleep pattern and keep your bedroom dark—or wear an eye mask and bring the darkness with you everywhere you go.

      2. Keep moving your body

      You're doing it properly if you're moving and stretching regularly. Determine what is best for you—what you love and what is feasible and workable within your physical boundaries and time constraints. Keep moving your body even if your job is to sit in one place and keep working. Move about as much as possible. Regular movements have proven to impact our longevity.

      3. Eat in moderation

      Humans can subsist on a broad range of consumable things nutritionally, and those who consume less processed, plant-based foods typically live long healthy lives. Eating right will therefore influence your longevity. Someone who imposes rigid guidelines regarding an avoidance-based or one-size-fits-all diet is marketing something—most likely a supplement potentially dubbed as a biohack.

      4. Natural supplements, to expand your longevity

      Our bodies work on a network of bio enzymes, hormones, proteins, vitamins, and a plethora of metabolites. If even one of them falls down or increases in levels, we immediately feel the effect. Our natural ageing process is nothing but a disruption in this network. It is important to make sure that our body has adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and even microorganisms to make sure we perform and function at our peak. Different supplements like Glutathione, Magnesium complex, NAD+ booster, Alpha KetoGlutarate, Probiotics, Colostrum and Omegas constantly help our body manage this network of metabolism and make sure that no processes in our body are short-circuited because of lack of an important molecule. One of the most important parts of Biohacking is to find supplements that help your biology stay intact and function as smooth as silk.

      He shared some additional at-home bio hacks that can improve your everyday functioning:

      1. Blue light benefits

      The sun's blue light can help you improve your mood or cognitive performance. However, keep in mind that sunshine emits the same blue light as phone and computer screens. By interfering with your circadian clock, this light can keep you awake. When out in the sun, remember to use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. This can shield your skin from solar damage.

      2. Caffeine consumption to be disciplined

      Caffeine should be used at the same time every day, and you should maintain a log of how you feel in the minutes or hours afterwards. There is bulletproof coffee, which has a biohacker edge. The coffee includes substances such as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, which is believed to improve energy and aid in weight reduction while maintaining your ‘coffee high’ longer. It is also a bio hack to avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks after 3 PM as it can disturb your sleep cycles.

      3. Elimination diet

      An elimination diet is precisely what its name implies. An elimination diet involves removing something from your diet and then gradually reintroducing it to determine how it affects your body. This is a common alternative if you believe you are allergic to a food or are concerned that a portion of food, such as dairy, red meat, or processed sugar, is causing inflammation.

      Ultimately, there are several advantages to biohacking and while some forms are easy to fill out at home and easy to reverse if something goes wrong, use caution in general. Experimenting with oneself without following all safety measures may have unanticipated harmful consequences. Consult a doctor or nutritionist before making any major dietary changes. Also, perform your own research before bringing any foreign substance into your body.

       Credit: Hindustan Times , MSN

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      decodeage decode age senolytic healthy ageing longevity reverse ageing nmn nad+ booster gut microbiome biological age test senolytic ageing chronic disease, exercise diet longevity
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