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11 health benefits of Urolithin A on Ageing, Muscle Endurance and Gut Health

11 health benefits of Urolithin A on ageing, muscle endurance and gut health

      Ellagitannins (ETs) and ellagic acid (EA), complex polyphenols prominent in foods like pomegranate, berries, and nuts, are naturally synthesised by our gut flora into a substance known as urolithin A (UA).

      Following the consumption of such substances, the bacteria in the large intestine convert ETs and EA into UA. This conversion only takes place when the right microbiota is present, and it becomes less efficient with age.

      By enhancing mitophagy as well as mitochondrial activity and decreasing harmful inflammation, UA improves cellular health. Numerous preclinical studies demonstrate how UA guards against ageing and age-related illnesses that impact the brain, joints, muscles, and other organs. Clinical studies in aged individuals have also shown the positive effects of UA administration on the muscle in humans.

      A person cannot create UA if they don't have certain bacteria in their gut, especially from the Ruminococcaceae and Clostridiales families. Even individuals capable of producing urolithin A do not produce enough of it.

      One in three persons may not have enough urolithin A indicating the importance of the supplementation of this compound. A microbiome-mediated conversion of UA precursors can be avoided by directly supplementing with UA.

      The gut microbiota and urolithin A

      Usually, gut health is related to lifespan and good health. One of the many functions of the stomach is to expertly digest food. There is mounting evidence that immunological function and mental health are both dependent on healthy gut flora.

      Multiple chronic illnesses can result from disturbed microbiota, according to several researches.

      Consuming a variety of fresh, complete meals, especially those from plant sources like beans, fruits, legumes, and vegetables, is the most effective strategy to enhance and maintain a healthy microbiome.

      Once absorbed, UA has beneficial effects on cellular as well as mitochondrial health in illnesses and disorders associated with ageing.

      Apart from these, the list of such beneficial effects includes; an increase in overall lifetime, increase in lifespan, improved muscular endurance, decreased age-related muscle dysfunction, reduction of myocardial dysfunction, improved neuro-protection of the brain, reduction of protein clumps in the brain, better joint cartilage health, increased integrity of the gut barrier and liver and pancreatic glucose intolerance.

      In conclusion,

      We lose energy and become more fatigued as we age. To survive, we all require energy. Energy drives all of our body's essential processes, including metabolic processes and muscular movement. Unfortunately, we lose energy as we become older. Although it seems to be accepted by everyone, it doesn't have to remain this way

      In addition to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, taking vitamins can help the body recover itself. Urolithin A is useful in retrieving energy under such a situation. Certain whole foods may be used to create this potent post-biotic and are also sold as supplements.

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