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As it sounds interesting, biohacking is using hacks with your body to make it healthier and live longer. Many tycoons, researchers, and sportsmen are seen applying these approaches in their daily lives. But it gets even more interesting as we, the common people can try these technologies out for extending our lifespans. Eating one meal a day, drinking caffeine, taking cold showers, taking natural antiaging supplements are some commonly seen bio hacks. Many of us might find ourselves bio-hacking without realizing it.

Biohacking is commonly referred to as ‘citizen biology’ or ‘do-it-yourself biology ‘. It consists of making small gradual changes in your diet or lifestyle to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Types of Biohacking

There are majorly three types of biohacking. Nutrigenomics, DIY biology, and grinders.

Nutrigenomics as the name suggests, studies how different foods that we eat affect our genome and can be used to promote longevity. It is possible to experiment ourselves by adding or eliminating certain foods from our diet to see how it affects the way we feel, think or behave. If some abnormal effects like fatigue, inflammation, or headache are observed then we can stop eating that particular food and try something different. It can be as simple as taking probiotics to improve gut microflora which is directly linked to improving the immune system and extension of the lifespan.

DIY biology is a type of biohacking mainly practiced by people with biomedical education or experience in scientific fields. It is done in more controlled conditions as in labs or medical offices. These people are experts who try and advise people with no scientific background in biology and help them achieve their fitness goals. This way it becomes safer for oneself to experiment on their body in the right manner without having to take the help of medical services or labs.

Grinders on the other hand are a specific niche in biohacking who believe that every part of the human body can be hacked and made optimized for daily chores. They generally rely on inserting chips or electronic circuits under the skin such that those devices can be connected with the body’s normal biochemical function. These are called cyborgs. Grinders can also consider other approaches like a combination of gadgets, implants, and chemical injections. While this kind of biohacking is considered somewhat controversial, it is definitely proving a great advantage for people with disabilities as well as for normal individuals who are applying this kind of approach under the observation of a medical practitioner.

Another aspect of biohacking is nootropics. Nootropics are natural substances or supplements in food or beverage form that help us increase productivity and cognitive function. They are practiced hugely in Silicon Valley. These are not regulated by the FDA but are a lot safer than other forms of biohacking like grinders. A very common nootropic is caffeine. Nootropics are easily available and can be processed by our bodies in a few hours.

All in all, biohacking does have its benefits. However, it is best to do it with professional advice. The main aim of this trend is promoting longevity in individuals where it has shown considerable results till time.

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