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Stay Youthful with Our NMN-Powered Avocado Toast Recipe

Stay Youthful with Our NMN-Powered Avocado Toast Recipe

      Avocado toasts are increasingly popular as healthy breakfast options. They are available in major food joints and upscale restaurants. Whether ordering or making your own, avocado toast serves as a perfect blank canvas for you to make your own art! With numerous toppings and sauces available, you can make a healthy spread according to your taste.

      Avocados are calorie-dense, high-fat fruit, making people question their nutritional value for breakfast. This article explores the nutritional benefits of avocado toast and offers insights on how to make your own, healthier versions.

      The Nutritional Benefits of Avocado

      Avocados, with over 300 calories, might seem like a lot, but they are mostly saturated with healthy fats, and carbohydrates and rich in fibre. Just one avocado provides great nutrition. The nutritional value of one avocado without the skin and seed is mentioned below:

      Nutritional Value


      322 calories


      4 grams


      17 grams


      163 grams

      Vitamin K

      42 micrograms

      Vitamin C

      20 milligrams

      Vitamin E

      4 milligrams


      975 milligrams


      58 milligrams


      Here are some of the health benefits of avocados:

      Body weight management

      Healthy fat consumption keeps you full for longer, keeping hunger at bay. Eating fat will make you gain weight is a misconception. The healthy fat present in avocado provides anti-oxidants and reduces inflammation, allowing more control over weight gain. Avocados also increase your fibre content, which slows down digestion and absorption of fats and carbohydrates. This overall reduces the ratio of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat, redistributing it away from the organs beneficial for body weight management. 

      Cardiovascular protection

      Eating an avocado a day balances your lipid profile-lowering the levels of low-density lipoproteins, and triglycerides and raising the high-density lipoproteins. This improves your heart profile. Additionally, avocados are rich in potassium - a micronutrient that reduces blood pressure. This balances the potassium-to-sodium ratio, reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

      Improves cellular nutrition:

      Avocados at mealtime can improve the bioavailability of other nutrients. With a high content of fibre, healthy fats, magnesium, potassium and vitamins they are a whole package of the right micro and macro-nutrients. It also balances the sudden glucose spikes or insulin spikes in the blood following a meal, reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

      Promotes Gut health and digestion

      Your gut is home to trillions of microbes that produce various essential metabolites that- strengthen immunity, reduce inflammation and protect against chronic diseases. A study showed that incorporating avocado in a 12-week plan increased the gut microbial amount and diversity. With a high content of soluble and insoluble fibre- providing slowed digestion and absorption, adding bulk to your stool which helps eliminate digested food wastes from your intestinal tract.

      Improves Cognitive and  Eye Health

      Avocados are rich in phytochemicals called lutein and zeaxanthin. These provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection-improving your brain function, memory, and vision. A study showed that lutein absorption was better from avocados than from supplements- this property is attributed to the presence of healthy fats.

      Crafting a Simple Avocado Toast Recipe

      Avacado toast in its simplest form is bread topped with mashed or sliced avocado. You can always top it with eggs, vegetables, sauces, seasonings and much more….

      Total Time: 5 minutes
      Preparation Time: 3 minutes
      Cook Time: 2 minutes
      Servings: 2


      • 1 slice of bread: The choice of bread is important. Personally, we recommend sturdy thin sliced wholegrain or multigrain bread
      • 1 ripe avocado: Picking great avocados is extremely important. You want ripe but not over-ripe avocados, aoid any that are mushy or stringy on the inside. Scoop out any brown or bruised bits and discard before mashing or slicing.
      • Salt: Use iodinised salt
      • NMN 100 Powder: One scoop of NMN 100 powder for enhanced nutritional value. 


      1. Toast your slice of bread until golden and firm.
      2. Remove the pit from your avocado. Use a big spoon to scoop out the flesh. Put it in a bowl and mash it up with a fork until it’s as smooth as you like it. Mix in a pinch of salt (about ⅛ teaspoon) and add more to taste, if desired. 
      3. Add one scoop of NMN 100 powder and mix well.
      4. Spread avocado mash on top of your toast. Enjoy as-is or top with any extras offered in this post.

      Customization and Topping Ideas On Avocado Toast

      The best thing about this recipe is that there are so many ways to add flavour, it is satisfying and nutritious, you can have it at any time, easy, quick and versatile! The list goes on and on with the customisations and toppings, but we have jotted down a list of ideas for you to make your own!

      Flavour Enhancers: Satiate your Tastebuds!

      To satisfy the tastebuds is the first step to loving any food! Foods that are usually considered healthy are thought to be bland which reduces its appeal. This is a list of oils, seasonings, drizles and more…

      • Olive oil
      • Toasted sesame seeds
      • Vinegar
      • Flaky sea salk
      • Honey
      • Lemon/Lime juice
      • Salsa
      • Balsamic vinegar/glaze
      • Chimichurri sauce
      • Hot sauce
      • Pepper


      You can never go wrong with the greens!

      They are full of essential nutrients and provide multiple health benefits. With so many vegetables available you have a lot of options to choose from. Our favourites are:

      • Tomatoes
      • Raddish
      • Bell peppers
      • Sauted spinach, kale, arugula 
      • Sauted mushrooms
      • Sprouts
      • Microgreens
      • Fresh herbs
      • Onion
      • Boiled corn

      Toppings: Make it Artistic!

      Sprinkles can add a lot of design and creativity to your toast. We don’t mean cake sprinkles, but savoury ones to add a perfect crunch and texture to your foods!

      • Sliced nuts
      • Hemp seeds
      • Sunflower seeds
      • Sesame seeds
      • Roasted chickpeas

      Protein: Add on to the Nutritional Value

      You can always add cheese and protein to increase the power of your meal! We recommend adding:

      • Cottage cheese
      • Tofu
      • Feta/ Mozzarella/Cream Cheese
      • Cheddar cheese
      • Hummus
      • Peanut butter
      • Salmon
      • Sausages
      • Boiled or fried egg 

      Avocado Toast Variations

      Because you can make so many combinations based on your nutritional requirements, some combinations are considered as classic. 

      • Simple: mashed avocado and a pinch of salt
      • Fancy: avocado, cheese, olive oil, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper and optional, lean meat/protein
      • Avocado tomato toast: avocado, tomatoes, goat cheese and bagel seasoning
      • Avocado ricotta toast: ricottacheese, avocado, sprouts, olive oil and sea salt
      • Smoked salmon: avocado, smoked salmon, fresh dill
      • Mexican: avocado, lime juice, jalapenos, salt according to taste
      • Egg: avocado, fried or soft boiled or scrambled egg 
      • More: Onions, radishes, cherry tomatoes, with your favourite sauce

      Incorporating NMN Powder into the Recipe

      One scoop of NMN100 can be added to yur mashed avocado mix or can be sprinkled on top of the toast. Adding NMN 100 powder to the superfood makes it even healthier, enhancing the benefits of the recipe. We have known and heard a lot about the benefits of NMN in capsule form but in powdered form, it is more bioavailable and the dosages can be controlled as per individual needs. Make sure you add NMN powder to cold foods and not hot food. A few of  the benefits of NMN 100 in your toast are:

      1. Improved bioavailability: Allows for faster absorption without passing through the digestive tract. That is, there will be greater immediate benefits. 
      2. Customize the amount of NMN: In contrast to capsules, which are pre-measured, powders can be weighed precisely. This enables adjusting the dose to individual needs.
      3. Improved energy levels: NMN helps restore the NAD+ levels supporting the SIRT enzymes, improving your energy levels
      4. Benefits can be seen in chronic disease management as well. Loss of energy can be linked to various chronic diseases as the body loses the ability to fight them off. With NMN supplementation, restorethe body’s fighting ability. 


      When asked about his food choices, David Sinclair in an interview once said "If I could only eat one food, it would probably be avocados" While avocados are highly nutritious they are also versatile fruits. You can add avocados to sandwiches, tacos, bagels and/or top of a toast! Adding NMN powder enhances the nutritional availability of avocado toast even more! Let us know your views and if you have any more suggestions do let us know!


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      1) Is avocado and toast healthy?

      Avocado and toast can be a healthy choice. Avocados are rich in healthy fats, fiber, vitamins (like B vitamins and vitamin K), and minerals (like potassium), while whole-grain toast provides fiber and other essential nutrients. Avocado toast is a good source of healthy fats, which can be beneficial for heart health and overall nutrition.

      2) Should I eat avocado toast every day?

      While avocado toast is nutritious, it's generally a good idea to have a balanced diet that includes a variety of foods. Eating avocado toast every day is not inherently harmful, but it's important to diversify your meals to ensure you get a wide range of nutrients. Variety in your diet helps you obtain all the essential nutrients your body needs.

      3) What bread is best for avocado toast?

      The best bread for avocado toast is whole-grain or whole-wheat bread. These types of bread are higher in fiber and provide more nutrients compared to refined white bread. You can also choose other options like sourdough, rye, or gluten-free bread if you have dietary preferences or restrictions. Ultimately, choose the bread that suits your taste and dietary needs.

      4) Can I eat avocado on an empty stomach?

      Eating avocado on an empty stomach is generally safe for most people. Avocado is a nutritious food that can provide healthy fats and fiber. However, some individuals may experience digestive discomfort when consuming high-fat foods on an empty stomach. If you're concerned about this, you can include avocado as part of a balanced meal to help prevent potential digestive issues.

      5) What to put on an avocado toast?

      You can get creative with your avocado toast by adding various toppings. Here are some popular options:

      • Sliced tomatoes
      • Poached or fried eggs
      • Smoked salmon
      • Sliced radishes
      • Crumbled feta or goat cheese
      • Red pepper flakes for some heat
      • Fresh herbs like cilantro, basil, or parsley
      • Sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper

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