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Top 3 Recipes For Healthy Ageing With Broccoli
Food & Nutrition

Top 3 Recipes For Healthy Ageing With Broccoli

Broccoli as a superfood contains various bioactive compounds like polyphenols, NMN, flavonoids- quercetin, and sulforaphane, along with vitamins and minerals, making it highly nutritious and benef...

Food & NutritionImportance of Balanced Diet For Healthy Lifestyle

Importance of Balanced Diet For Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced diet is crucial for optimal health, providing essential nutrients like proteins, fats, and vitamins. It supports growth, energy, and immune function, aids in weight management, and reduc...

Food & NutritionFoods That Contain NMN

Foods That Contain NMN

NMN is a precursor to NAD+ and has strong anti-ageing characteristics and therapeutic potential against a number of diseases. Naturally occurring in foods like avocados, broccoli, and edamame, rais...

Food & NutritionStay Youthful with Our NMN-Powered Avocado Toast Recipe

Stay Youthful with Our NMN-Powered Avocado Toast Recipe

Avocado toasts are increasingly popular as healthy breakfast options. They are available in major food joints and upscale restaurants. Whether ordering or making your own, avocado toast serves as ...


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Food & Nutritiondecodeage decode age senolytic healthy ageing longevity reverse ageing nmn nad+ booster gut microbiome biological age test senolytic fasting

Intermittent Fasting

The practice of Intermittent Fasting, or IF, has grown in popularity. It consists of eating and fasting windows and is regarded as an efficient way to lose weight that doesn't require exercise. Thi...

Food & NutritionSuper food salad for longevity- how to add nmn supplement to salad decode age

Superfood Salad Recipe for Healthy Ageing

Dive into the world of delicious and wholesome salads with our latest blog post. We're sharing easy recipes and practical tips for creating mouth-watering salads that are as good for your health as...