Why NMN Does Not Increase The Risk of Cancer And Can Be Protective

Why NMN Does Not Increase The Risk of Cancer And Can Be Protective

      Unveil the facts about NMN supplements and cancer risk. Learn why NMN does not increase the risk of cancer and may even have protective effects. Get the knowledge on “NMN and cancer risk now."

      Ever since the dawn of longevity science, there are mixed opinions on the ingredients that could change the lives of many. Most of them are based on random notions and simply throw a negative light on the elixirs of youth. So what exactly is the deal with NMN supplement and does it really cause cancer? Or does it protect against cancer? Well, too many questions!

      To give you a quick answer; There is no evidence until now to suggest that NMN tablets cause cancer but it is proven that the NMN's mechanism of action is helpful in lowering down the cancer risk. Quite intriguing right? Well, hop on, as this article will delve into why there has been confusion on the topic and how NMN may impact cancer risk.

      How NMN Supplement Cannot Increase The Risk of Cancer and is Protective As Well

      Before we go into the entire oncology view of the NMN, let us first clear our fog around the supermolecule, NMN supplement itself. In every cell that exists in nature, including the human body, there are various molecules that help bring about the necessary action required to sustain a healthy life. One such molecule is Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). It is a type of “coenzyme” that plays an important role in the metabolism process. NAD+ helps in bringing about the transfer of electrons.

      Think of it as a delivery person that carries important documents which are required for the smooth functioning of a system. Just like that the NAD+ molecule transfers electrons from molecule to molecule that enables the cells to carry out their respective reactions for healthy living. To be more precise, NAD+ is so essential that without it, one can die within seconds.

      As per studies, NAD+ cofactor is required for the functioning of more than 500+ enzymatic reactions. In an adult human being, the average amount of NAD+ is around three to four grams. Another molecule, sirtuin, famously called the longevity molecule is heavily dependent on NAD+. Sirtuins are an important family of proteins that dramatically influences DNA repairing process along with many essential functions of the cell. Without NAD+ sirtuins fail to work.

      As we grow older, our body becomes increasingly vulnerable to a plethora of health issues of which we all are aware. This increased vulnerability is directly linked to the low level of NAD+. As we complete 50 years of existence, we only have half the amount of NMN we had in our 20s. NAD+ rapidly declines as we age and thus the process of DNA repair, maintenance of mitochondrial functionality (yes, the powerhouse of the cell), muscle regeneration, and production of insulin along with many such cathartic pathways gets affected.

      So how do we overcome this shortage of NAD+ as we age? Well, NAD+ levels can be maintained or increased when one fasts, eats a calorie-restricted diet, and exercises often but that is a long and gradual process and let us all agree, it is easier said than done. Then what alternative do we have? The answer is an NMN supplement.

      NMN is a precursor of NAD+ molecules which means it is pretty much a direct method of increasing NAD+ levels effortlessly. NMN gets converted into NAD+ quite easily once in the system. One may ask why not NAD+? That is because NAD+ molecules are quite huge to be taken up by cells, and thus NMN is the better alternative. By maintaining higher levels of NAD+, we may be able to slow down the aging process and even reverse it in some cases.

      Several studies have been done by the researchers in mice and yeast and reported that the cells when supplemented with NMN molecules, resulted in an increased life span and better cellular function. This proves that the NMN supplement, a precursor of NAD+ reverses aging and promotes longevity.

      Exploring the Link Between NMN and Cancer: Is There Evidence of Accelerated Growth?"

      The phrase “NMN accelerates cancer growth” has been doing the rounds of the internet for quite some time. But does it really? The simple answer is NO. Cancer does not occur overnight or due to one single molecule. NMN is simply a supplement just like several other vitamins. Let us first understand what we really mean by cancer. Cancer is nothing but an uncontrolled growth of a mass of cells. These cells require nutrients just as any other healthy cell in our body would.

      Thus in theory, if someone already has cancer, taking NMN tablets would enhance the cancerous growth but it is not NMN alone. The food we eat, and the other supplements we take also accelerate its growth.  For instance, normal cells require NAD+ for DNA repair, cancerous cells would require more of it and thus, it is apparent that taking anything when having active cancer would only worsen it.

      NMN is essential for the functioning of healthy cells and also protects DNA from damage. Ultimately preventing the risk of cancer occurrence. Thus, the only role of NMN in a healthy non-cancerous population is to prevent cancer and not to cause it. Even in people with cancer, the role of NMN accelerating it has no apparent proof.

      Few studies that show NMN accelerating cancerous growth cannot be relied upon heavily. Because several parameters need to be fulfilled to comment that NMN enhances cancer. Also note, these studies are subjected to anomalies and variations.

      How does NMN make cancer therapy more effective?

      Contrary to the popular belief, NMN can, in fact, make ongoing cancer therapies more efficacious.

      For instance, a study shows how NMN may make cancerous cells (tumors) more sensitive toward immunotherapy thereby enhancing the efficacy of immunotherapy.

      The above statements can be proven by this study wherein two mice with cancer were observed. One received NMN while the other did not. The fascinating results showed that the mice that received NMN did not show any enhancement in the growth of tumor cells while the ones that were devoid of NMN showed a significant increase.

      Thus with the support of this study, it is safe to comment that NMN doesn’t accelerate the growth of cancer.

      Longevity studies in mice : A proof of NMN enhancing cancer therapy

      To support the relevance of NMN, the longevity research that has been going on for decades, also concludes that NMN supplement is safe to consume and isn’t negatively associated with cancer.

      A study showed how supplementation of NMN in mice resulted in suppression of weight gain, better vision, enhanced mitochondrial function, improved insulin cycle, increased physical activity,  restoration of muscle mass etc.,

      NMN the key to reduce the risk of cancer

      As mentioned previously, studies are being carried out that show the inclusion of NMN tablets in one’s diet can greatly reduce the prevalence of DNA damage. Cancer often begins with DNA damage such as mutations, and thus by targeting the root cause of cancer, one could ideally reduce the risk of it.

      Sirtuins that play a key role in DNA repair systems require NAD+ for their functioning. Without NAD+ the whole working system of sirtuins is a failure. Thus, supplementing one with NMN (precursor of NAD+) would definitely keep cancer at bay.

      For instance, a study showed how NMN supplementation reduced the damage of DNA in the fibroblast cells of humans. Another study also discovered the potential of NMN in enhancing the activity of immune cells, specifically the natural killer cells. As the name suggests, the natural killer cells are specialised immune cells that release toxins to kill any foreign material in the human body, in this case, the cancer cells.


      Several studies have shown that NMN does not cause cancer, and may even play a role in reducing the risk of cancer. This is because of the ability of NMN to reduce DNA mutations and improve the function of immune cells that fight and prevent cancer. However, it is important to note that there is some conflicting evidence on the impact of NMN on cancer growth in individuals who already have the disease. While some studies suggest that NMN may accelerate cancer growth, others show that it does not have this effect.

      It is still unclear and thus, one should refrain from drawing conclusions from loose-end studies. Nevertheless, there is also promising evidence that NMN tablets could improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies like immunotherapy. Ultimately, the primary goal in the fight against cancer is prevention and promoting a long and healthy life. In light of this, NMN appears to be a highly intriguing molecule with great potential in this area. If you are someone looking to start with NMN, Decode age’s NMN is your holy grail.


      NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a substance that has been the subject of confusion regarding its potential link to cancer. Currently, there is no evidence that NMN causes cancer. The benefits of NMN overshadow the downfalls (if there are any). It has been found to have potential benefits in improving the outcome of cancer immunotherapies and in reducing DNA mutations, which are a major driver of cancer formation. Studies on mice have also demonstrated that NMN supplementation does not have any negative health effects, including cancer.

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