NMN and Its Basics, Benefits, and Recent Research

NMN and Its Basics, Benefits, and Recent Research

      Improving your health and well-being can be a difficult task, and achieving healthy ageing can be even more daunting. However, we are here to assist you. Take a look at our guide to NMN, a groundbreaking anti-ageing supplement that has the potential to revolutionise your life. With its innovative properties, NMN supplement is a game changer that can help you maximise your health and vitality.

      The term, “Anti-ageing” has gained much attention recently, for obvious reasons. No one likes to age at an accelerated pace which is what is happening. Thanks to environmental stressors, poor diet and lifestyle. The prevalence of chronic diseases is only increasing with each new dawn. 

      So what's the solution? Thanks to advancements in Science and technology, the arena of Longevity Science is ever-increasing and has come up with promising ingredients that have shown anti-ageing or rather, healthy ageing benefits, that aid in reversing the adverse effects of ageing and enabling the consumer to lead a happy and healthy life. One such super ingredient is NMN. So grab your healthy snack as we are about to unravel the emperor of anti-ageing supplement, NMN.

      NMN Benefits

      Let's start by understanding the Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplement before diving into its benefits. Our body has several molecules that help in vital processes necessary for healthy living, one of which is Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). It is a coenzyme that aids in the metabolism process by facilitating electron transfer between molecules.

      NAD+ plays a crucial role in over 500 enzymatic reactions. The popular longevity protein heavily relies on NAD+ for DNA repair and other essential cellular functions. Without NAD+, sirtuins cannot perform their duties, leading to several health issues. As we age, our NAD+ levels decline, which puts us at risk of various health concerns.

      We can maintain or increase NAD+ levels through calorie restriction, exercise, and fasting. However, these methods are slow and gradual. That's where NMN supplements come in. NMN is a precursor of NAD+ and gets converted to NAD+ quickly, making it an effective method to increase NAD+ levels. By maintaining higher levels of NAD+, we can slow down the ageing process and even reverse it in some cases.

      Studies in mice and yeast have shown that supplementing NMN molecules resulted in increased lifespan and better cellular function. This indicates that NMN supplements can reverse ageing and promote longevity. By replenishing our NAD+ levels, we can ensure that vital processes such as DNA repair, mitochondrial functionality, muscle regeneration, and insulin production occur smoothly, reducing the risk of age-related health issues.

      Continue reading ahead to find out the top 4 benefits of NMN supplementation

      1. Promotes Longevity

      With age, the powerhouse of our cells, Mitochondria, starts to get impaired and decrease. This is a consequence of the decline in NAD+ levels. Ageing cells are eventually forced into a state called cellular senescence, which means the cells stop dividing and lose function. But senescent cells don’t leave the body — they remain in a “zombie-like” state that creates a damaging cascade of inflammatory compounds, playing a significant role in the ageing process. 

      As NMN is a primary precursor to NAD+, supplementing with it could be a beneficial way to reduce the cellular and mitochondrial decline and dysfunction that occurs with age. While human longevity studies take decades — and millions — to complete, we do have some research with animals to back up these claims. 

      Studies have demonstrated that boosting NAD+ synthesis in the body extends the lifespan of yeast, worms, and flies. In rodents, some research has found that supplemental NMN can mitigate both the drop in NAD+ levels and the concurrent physiological decline of these organs that leads to age-related disorders.

      2. Aids in cognition

      When brain NAD+ levels decrease, the mitochondrial function can be impaired, potentially contributing to age-related cognitive decline. However, replenishing NAD+ stores with NMN may prevent this dysfunction. In fact, research has shown that NMN supplement can inhibit the formation of beta-amyloid plaques associated with neurological conditions and improve spatial working memory, coordination, and neurovascular health in older mice. 

      The neurovascular system, which provides nutrients and oxygen to the brain, declines with age and contributes to cognitive decline. Yet, NMN has been found to improve the health and integrity of both the cerebral blood flow system and the brain as a whole, leading to neurovascular rejuvenation in aged mice. Therefore, using the best NMN supplement to improve neurovascular health has significant potential for supporting neurological conditions.

      3. Supports healthy weight

      Obesity is the root cause and the foundation of several chronic diseases. Although excessive body weight can occur at any stage of life, older adults are particularly more vulnerable to age-related weight gain due to slower metabolism. Obese individuals often have lower levels of both NAD+ and ATP, which reduces energy production. However, replenishing NAD+ through NMN supplement  can help reverse this trend, improving metabolic pathways and promoting a healthy weight.

      In a study published in Cell Metabolism, mice who received doses of 100 or 300 mg/kg of NMN for 12 months experienced weight reductions of 4% and 9%, respectively. NMN didn't reduce weight by suppressing appetite, but rather by increasing energy expenditure and oxygen consumption.

      Given that excessive body weight is a significant risk factor for many chronic conditions, NMN may be a useful tool for promoting weight management and overall health.

      4. Aids in reproductive health management

      In February 2020, a study in Cell Reports showed that reproductively aged female mice who received low-dose NMN experienced improved birth rates, decreased time to pregnancy, and better in vitro fertilization outcomes. As excess body weight is a risk factor for infertility, NMN's weight-management benefits may contribute to its positive effects on reproductive health. In the future, low-dose NMN supplementation may offer a non-invasive and low-risk method to enhance fertility and support pregnancy in women of advanced age.

      NMN: Safety, Efficacy, and Side Effects

      Purest NMN supplement  is considered safe for human consumption and several studies support this. For instance, one of the first was a study published in Endocrine Journal in February 2020, which concluded that acute NMN administration was safe for human consumption. Single doses of 100, 250, and 500 mg of NMN were all found to be effectively metabolized and safe in a clinical trial with healthy adult males.

      A more recent study from April 2022 showed that healthy volunteers who received 250 mg/day of NMN for 12 weeks caused no abnormalities in physiological and laboratory tests and no obvious adverse effects. NAD+ levels in whole blood were significantly increased after NMN administration. They also found that the increased amount of NAD+ was strongly correlated with pulse rate before the administration of NMN. These results suggest that oral administration of NMN is a safe and practical strategy to boost NAD+ levels in humans. Till now no adverse effects have not been found yet.

      How to Take NMN: Is Liposomal Considered Best?

      To maximise the effectiveness of NMN supplementation, liposomal NMN may be one of the available options. Liposomes are tiny bubbles composed of a double layer of phospholipids, acting as a delivery mechanism to transport nutrients or compounds into the body. The inner contents of the liposome are protected by the double-layered bubble, which shields it from the digestive tract and bloodstream until it reaches the cells. Think of it as an advanced version of capsules. Upon reaching the cells, the liposome merges with the cell membrane and releases its contents directly into the cell, ensuring efficient delivery and utilization.

      Liposomal structures are composed of phospholipids, which resemble our cell membranes, making them easily recognized and accepted by the body. This means that compounds can be delivered directly into cells without the risk of degradation or excretion in urine before being used.

      Although this system seems effective, it is a bit far-fetched and now that handy. The best way of NMN supplementation is through oral capsules or tablets.

      Key Takeaways

      Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a supplement that increases NAD+ levels, which is a coenzyme that aids in metabolism and over 500 enzymatic reactions. As we age, NAD+ levels decline, leading to various health concerns. NMN promotes longevity by reducing cellular and mitochondrial decline, which occurs with age, and aids in cognition by preventing age-related cognitive decline. It also supports a healthy weight by improving metabolic pathways and promoting a healthy weight, and aids in reproductive health management.

      NMN supplements have been found to reverse ageing and promote longevity, as shown in studies in mice and yeast, which resulted in increased lifespan and better cellular function. By maintaining higher levels of NAD+, we can ensure that vital processes such as DNA repair, mitochondrial functionality, muscle regeneration, and insulin production occur smoothly, reducing the risk of age-related health issues.


      NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a supplement that has been shown to aid in healthy ageing by increasing NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ is a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in over 500 enzymatic reactions and is essential for DNA repair and other cellular functions. As we age, NAD+ levels decline, putting us at risk of various health concerns. Supplementing with NMN, a precursor to NAD+, can increase NAD+ levels quickly, making it an effective method to slow down the ageing process and even reverse it in some cases. NMN supplement promotes longevity, aids in cognition, supports healthy weight, and aids in reproductive health management. These benefits have been demonstrated in various studies on animals, and research on humans is ongoing.

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