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Keeping your eyes healthy

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      The early stages of eye illnesses sometimes go undetected by the general public.

      Even if you have a strong vision and don't wear contacts or glasses, everyone over 50 should get a dilated eye test every year or as your eye care specialist suggests.

      It's common to see changes in your vision as you become older. Among the typical alterations for elderly persons are:

      Losing the capacity for close-up vision

      Having problems differentiating black from blue, for example

      Requiring more time to acclimatise to varying light levels

      Only a dilated eye exam by an eye care specialist can detect several common eye illnesses while they're more treatable and before they lead to visual loss.

      The solutions to these issues are frequently simple. You could find it easier to retain your way of life and freedom with the aid of glasses, contact lenses, and better lighting.

      As you become older, you're more likely to get certain eye diseases and ailments, and other eye changes are more severe. Get frequent eye exams to keep your eyes as healthy as possible and to catch any issues early.

      What could you do for your eyes?

      Regularly get your eyes examined by an eye care specialist, such as an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Early detection and treatment of any issues can aid in maintaining your eyesight and preventing vision loss.

      Make a list of your inquiries and worries to bring up with the physician. Inform them of the drugs you use. Your eyes may be harmed by some. Your vision is typically unaffected by the natural changes that occur as you age.

      However, sometimes they could indicate a more serious issue.

      For instance, you could cry uncontrollably. This may occur due to temperature fluctuations, wind, or light sensitivity.

      Eye drops and sunglasses may be helpful.

      Supplements such as resveratrol and NMN can help maintain good eye health. Resveratrol improves microcirculation in the eyes, while NMN supports eye cell health by activating DNA maintenance. Taking these supplements can aid in maintaining overall eye wellness.

      Tips for maintaining eye health at any age

      You may take care of your eyes and maintain their health as you age by doing the following:

      • When you are outside, wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet (UV) rays and a hat with a broad brim to shield your eyes from the sun.
      • Give up smoking.
      • Make informed food decisions.
      • Exercise regularly and keep a healthy weight.
      • Sustain a normal blood pressure level.
      • Control diabetes (if you have it).

      Take a break every 20 minutes to gaze around 20 feet away for 20 seconds if you spend a lot of time at the computer or concentrated on one item to prevent eye strain.


      Maintaining eye health essentially means taking measures to enhance general health. No organ, not even your priceless eyes, is separate from the rest of the body.

      Connecting to nature, eating natural foods, avoiding the stresses of contemporary life, and maintaining physical, social, and cognitive activity are all habits of people who live long and healthy lives.

      You can adjust to vision loss and make the most of your remaining sight with the aid of vision rehabilitation programmes and specific tools, such as a magnifying gadget.

      Always check with your ophthalmologist to see if driving while impaired by eyesight is safe for you. If you have to stop driving, local businesses might be able to get you a ride, or public transportation can be an option.

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