Sexual Health and Longevity: Know The Anti-Aging Approach to Improve Libido, Sexual Function, and Fertility

Sexual Health and Longevity: Know The Anti-Aging Approach to Improve  Libido, Sexual Function, and Fertility

      Sexual health and longevity aren't just for the young! Discover the best anti-ageing methods to improve your libido and sexual function.

      The hush-hush around sexual wellness has only made people bad about focusing on their sexual health. Improving our sexual health is a critical component of overall well-being and has a significant impact on our life. Furthermore, sexual health is related to longevity, as evidenced by studies. It shows a positive relationship between sexual activity and lower stress levels and improved cardiovascular function, both of which have been linked to increased lifespan.

      Sexual Health and Longevity Relation

      Longevity refers to the phenomenon of living longer but healthier. It is quite obvious that when you are healthy enough, you are bound to have a healthy sex life too. And as a result, the health benefits that sex gives, add more to the years. In 2020, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study revealing that sexually active middle-aged adults had a significantly lower risk of mortality from all causes and cancer-related deaths compared to those who were sexually inactive. As we age, various factors, such as changes in hormones and lifestyle, can affect our sexual health and fertility. However, there are many ways to maintain good sexual function and enhance our sexual health, which can ultimately improve our overall lifespan.

      This article aims to explore the significance of diet, longevity supplements, lifestyle changes, and other helpful tips and tricks that can boost libido, sexual function, and fertility. Additionally, we provide gender-tailored advice to address male-specific and female-specific issues. Let's delve into the topic and discover how we can maintain a healthy sex life as we age.

      Tips to Improve Overall Sexual Health for Males & Females

      Your sexual health is a reflection of your overall health. Focusing on your general well-being will reap great benefits. Here’s how you can optimise your health along with the aid of longevity supplements: 

      Diet: It plays a crucial role in enhancing sexual health. A nutrient-dense, whole-foods-based diet can aid in improving circulation and energy levels, which in turn can boost sexual function and fertility. Foods high in antioxidants can also contribute to this improvement. Consuming libido-boosting foods is also a great option

      Lifestyle: Prioritising regular exercise, effective stress management techniques, and sufficient sleep can effectively enhance sexual health and function. Additionally, abstaining from harmful substances, such as tobacco and excessive alcohol, can further contribute to an overall positive impact on sexual health

      Focusing on self: Anxiety and stress can hamper your overall health and hence also your sexual life. Focusing on yourself and exploring your needs can do wonders in your life. Intake of longevity supplements will aid more in your journey towards a healthy sexual life.

      Supplements that to Improve Longevity and Sexual Health

      Longevity supplements are the new heroes in the health and wellness sector, redefining and reimagining health and ageing like never before. The anti-ageing approach not only targets ageing but also influences the individual’s libido. 

      Four potent longevity ingredients have been discovered to not only extend lifespan but also positively impact sexual health. These ingredients include Fisetin, Ca-AKG, Spermidine and LongeVit 

      Fisetin: Fisetin is a natural senolytic agent that selectively eliminates senescent cells without damaging healthy ones. Senescent cells refer to those cells that have ceased dividing and have arrested cell division cycles. These cells secrete harmful toxins and inflammatory factors, leading to chronic inflammation and a range of age-related illnesses. colloquially, they are often referred to as "zombie cells" in popular culture. 

      A study published in the journal Reproductive Biology revealed that fisetin was effective in safeguarding sperm quality in mice exposed to high temperatures (hyperthermia). This issue is commonly observed in men who carry their cell phones in their front pockets or wear tight underwear, both of which can generate heat around the testicles.

      Alpha-Ketoglutarate: Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) helps to maintain cellular energy and promote cell renewal, which can prevent age-related illness and weakness. As a nitrogen scavenger, it provides glutamine and glutamate to support protein synthesis and prevent protein degradation in muscles. By decreasing protein catabolism and increasing protein synthesis, it leads to bone tissue formation in skeletal muscles, making it a promising clinical application. According to a study published in the journal Aging Cell, long-term administration of alpha-ketoglutarate (α-KG) has been observed to preserve ovarian function, oocyte quality and quantity, and the telomere maintenance system in mice. These events not only benefit the ageing process in general but also help maintain ovarian function and delay reproductive decline. Thus, the intake of Ca-AKG, the revolutionary longevity supplement, is a wise choice! 

      Spermidine: Recent research has investigated the potential benefits of spermidine on fertility and suggests that this compound's anti-ageing properties may also extend to ovarian health. Oxidative stress is known to cause damage to the body, contributing to age-related decline and decreased female fertility. Spermidine, which is a vital component in sperm generation and sexual reproduction and was originally isolated from semen, has been found to be deficient in the semen of infertile men compared to their fertile counterparts. 

      Stress is a significant factor that can interfere with hormone regulation, leading to reduced sexual function and infertility. However, spermidine has been shown to counteract the impact of stress on the body, thereby improving reproductive outcomes. One study found that taking spermidine supplements for a month significantly reduced cortisol levels, a stress hormone, in 83% of men.

      LongeVit: this formulated compound is an amalgamation of powerful ingredients such as NMN, Ginseng extract, and Ginger extract. It also has alpha-ketoglutarate which has been described earlier. This powerful blend is your one-stop solution for your health and sexual well-being. For instance, One study found that the use of ginger significantly improved the biological parameters of sperm, including number, total motility, survival rate, and normal morphology, as well as all specialised fertility indicators of sperm. Similar effects are being found in NMN and Ginseng. Decode Age combines the best of all ingredients and gives you the ultimate supplement.

      Sexual Health and Longevity: Concluding Remarks

      Several aspects of human longevity are closely linked to sexual health. Inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals, excessive stress, the onset of illnesses or their early warning signs, or any other underlying health issues can all contribute to poor sexual health. Ageing at a faster rate is one of the primary reasons that impairs a person’s sex life. It is thus crucial to address these issues not just for the immediate benefits of a healthy sex life but also for long-term health outcomes.


      Sexual health is an important aspect of overall health and longevity has a  significant impact on it. In addition, according to research, sexual activity can help reduce stress and improve cardiovascular function, resulting in a longer lifespan. Various factors can impact our sexual health and fertility as we age. However, with the right diet, lifestyle changes, and longevity supplements such as Fisetin, Ca-AKG, Spermidine, and LongeVit, we can maintain and improve our sexual function and health. We can ensure a healthy sex life and increase our chances of living longer and healthier lives by prioritising our general well-being, focusing on ourselves, and incorporating these tips.

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