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Muscles strain and stretch during exercise, causing small rips that heal throughout the recovery period.

Understanding how exercise affects the physiology of the body is critical to assisting in its recuperation.

How does our body do that?

Satellite cells rush to heal the damage by multiplying, maturing, and fusing onto your muscle fibres. This rebuilds your muscles and makes them stronger, preparing your body for future exercise.

Exercise also depletes the body's glycnoge stores, which power movement, and causes lactic acid buildup in cells. This can result in muscular discomfort, which we have all experienced after engaging in strenuous activity.

Muscle recovery offers the body a respite and allows it to eliminate the lactic acid that has been collected in its system.

There are numerous ways for slowing muscle loss and increasing muscle repair as we age. Fortunately, they complement a healthy lifestyle, which can increase health and longevity:

  • Exercising daily

Exercise regularly and do strength training. Experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise every week, as well as two days of muscle-strengthening activities.Lifting weights, utilizing resistance bands, using your body weight, some forms of yoga, and even heavy gardening are all examples of this!

  • Nutrition

A healthy diet is necessary for muscle rehabilitation in general, but it is more critical as we age. Distinct food categories have different qualities that aid with muscle repair; for example, consuming healthy protein sources like fatty salmon can help regenerate muscle fibres.

  • Rest

Muscular recovery is seen as vital as muscle training. Knowing your limitations while training to avoid muscle tension and arranging rest days in between workouts is essential for optimal muscle recovery. The amount of recuperation time your body requires varies depending on your workout intensity.

  • Supplements

While protein powders and pre-workout powders nourish bodies across the country, new so-called longevity supplements have entered the mainstream and have the ability to improve muscle recovery. One example of a supplement is SportVit, produced by Decode Age, India's first company to present the concept of longevity.

How does SportVit enhance our energy and repair our muscles?

This longevity product contains a variety of chemicals. NMN, Inositol, L-taurine, Bee Pollen, Fenugreek extract, Folic acid, Ashwagandha, and Folic Acid a naturally occurring source of energy, are the main constituents.

  • Our bodies contain NMN, which has been shown to boost NAD+ levels. NAD+ is engaged in the mitochondrial energy pathways at cellular levels.
  • Inositol, another key element in this longevity supplement, has a major role in glucose breakdown and energy generation at cellular levels.
  • Even in old age, the amino acid L-taurine encourages the formation of new brain cells. Taurine has also been linked to a lower risk of brain deterioration and stroke damage.
  • Antioxidants included in bee pollen are an excellent source of natural immunity and assist with faster recovery of heart rates. It is often recommended for athletes.
  • Fenugreek’s clinical results suggest that it is highly supportive for increasing total strength, and body composition, and reducing workout-associated inflammation.
  • Folate deficiency in the elderly is caused by a decrease in folate concentrations in blood and cerebrospinal fluid with age, while plasma homocysteine increases, presumably contributing to the ageing process.
  • Ashwagandha root extracts may significantly increase telomerase activity, protecting telomeres and perhaps delaying ageing.

Decode Age is India's first company to deal with longevity. Our health-enhancing product, SportVit, is made compliance with WHO-GMP standards and is approved by the FSSAI and FDA. Customers commented positively on this when they bought this supplement for their elderly parents who had recently been hospitalised.

Older consumers who used this medicine for a month said they noticed increases in their physical vitality, alertness, and cognitive abilities within a few days.

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