Anti-Aging Supplement Boost COVID-19 Recovery in Older People

Can anti aging supplement boost COVID-19 recovery in older people?

      Covid 19 and alpha Keto-glutarate

      Over 1.8 million people died from COVID-19 in 2020, which was shocking and had an impact on life expectancies. This evaluation obscures the diverse effects of the pandemic on different countries as well as population-related issues. Age and sex are included, as well as their impacts on longevity, days of lives lost, and public health.

      However, we must be aware that it is difficult to pinpoint the precise global impact of COVID-19 outbreaks.

      Why? The differences in monitoring capacity and definitional anomalies in the reporting of COVID-19 deaths are the only foundation for this. To address issues with life expectancy, significant efforts have been undertaken to unify and analyse all-cause mortality data.

      For instance, issues with birth rates, age trends, and excessive mortality amplitude are all connected. The average lifetime gives a brief and comparative picture of the pandemic's impact on death at the local level in all nations.

      AKG (Alpha Ketoglutarate)

      AKG is a tiny chemical that our body naturally manufacture, but its amount decreases as we age. Alpha-ketoglutarate is utilised by the mitochondria, which converts it into energy. But it also has other functions in the body i.e. amino acid synthesis and cellular signalling.

      • AKG promotes protein synthesis, which helps the formation of bone tissue in skeletal muscles.
      • It is also required by cells to mend from injuries, particularly muscle tissue healing.
      • It is an intermediate metabolite of the Krebs cycle, which is a complicated series of processes that produces energy from nutrients.

      The chemical alpha-ketoglutarate is found in the human body. It is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

      Alpha-ketoglutarate is used to treat renal disease, gut and gastrointestinal disorders. Treatment also includes microbial infections, kidney damage, cataracts, and recurring fungal infections. This is used to assist renal patients on dialysis in digesting protein more effectively.

      Several people utilise alpha-ketoglutarate to improve their athletic performance. According to makers of sports vitamins and supplements, alpha-ketoglutaric acid is a gem. It might be a substantial addition to proper diet and training for athletes seeking optimal output.

      Researchers make this claim based on research that shows that more ammonia in the body may react with alpha-ketoglutarate. Mainly to ease problems caused by too much ammonia. Alpha-ketoglutarate is sometimes given intravenously (IV). Why? In order to minimise cardiac damage caused by blood circulation problems during heart operations. This may also be administered to reduce muscle breakdown following surgical procedures or trauma.

      This lifespan health supplement consists of vegan vegetable capsule shells. It is also soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, gmo-free, and dairy-free. This product is, additionally, GMP approved, ISO approved, fssai authorised, and FDA approved for high quality.

      Additionally, without changing the antiviral response of CD4 and CD8 T cells, or IgG, AKG dramatically lowers SARS CoV2 multiplication. This includes inflammation, thrombosis, and apoptotic cell death. Such actions in the lungs help restore normal SpO2 saturation in sick rats. It can be taken by itself or in conjunction with the Covid-19's current medications.

      What can be deduced from this?

      • Alpha-ketoglutarate is a molecule that is a result of a series of reactions that create energy. It is the source of the amino acid residues glutamate, glutamine, and glutamine. Glutamate is the brain's primary neurotransmitter, but it can also aid in bone formation. Glutamate is the principal source of energy for cellular division.
      • As humans age, their epigenome becomes progressively dysregulated. Alpha-ketoglutarate has a significant beneficial influence on the epigenome. The epigenome regulates whether genetics are activated or not (Shahmirzadi et al., 2020).
      • Alpha-ketoglutarate regulates adenosine synthesis, power generation, and the formation of free radicals. It functions as a transmitter molecule in a variety of biological processes.
      • Alpha-ketoglutarate (KG), like succinyl-CoA and isocitrate, is a key intermediate in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle.
      • As a critical component of the anaplerotic response, AKG adjusts ATP synthesis and decreases corresponding (NAD+/NADH) production within the TCA cycle, altering ROS levels and immune function homeostasis.
      • Furthermore, AKG is an excellent source of glutamine and glutamate, both of which are required for amino acid and collagen production (Wang et al., 2020).
      • Ageing is a biochemical phenomenon that includes aspects of cognition, personal relationships, and other things. Our functions eventually lose the ability to function in a biologically-based manner.
      • "Ageing" is a multidimensional construct. When used in a social context, it frequently eludes a person's knowledge and expertise. Yet, when used in a casual context, it simply relates to a figure. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily a desirable subject to discuss from a biological perspective.
      • Up until four days after SARS CoV2 infection, oral gavage of a dietary grade KG (40 mg/100 g body wt/day) effectively reduced viral load. It reduced pAkt and HIF2 at 5 days after infection in hamster lungs.
      • Even nine days after infection, the SARS CoV2 replication was significantly inhibited by the AKG supplementation given for four days.
      • Additionally, AKG reduced the increase of inflammatory cells brought on by infection in alveolar spaces and the creation of clots in tiny blood arteries. Additionally, the lung’s' apoptotic tissue damage was decreased.

      The use of AKG may also offer up new therapy options for lung thrombosis and inflammation in other respiratory conditions.

      In conclusion,

      Ageing occurs in a variety of organs at varied stages and intensities, and aged organs show a buildup of senescent cells. Pigmentation, shrinkage, loss of suppleness, and a diminished capacity to heal wounds are all signs of ageing skin. Both inherent and extrinsic causes can cause adult skin ageing.

      Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is a critical component in the Krebs cycle, affecting the overall rate of the organism's citric acid cycle. AKG is a fuel for our mitochondria, our cells' power factories. Alpha-ketoglutarate is used by athletes and bodybuilders for its energy-boosting qualities.

      Interestingly, alpha-ketoglutarate also has been shown to extend lifespan and health span in adults. In addition to extending lifespan, AKG also delays age-related diseases. Please visit for more information.

      AKG significantly reduces SARS CoV2 multiplication, inflammation, thrombosis, and apoptotic cell death in the lungs to restore normal SpO2 saturation in ill rats without affecting the antiviral response of CD4 and CD8 T cells or IgG.

      It can be used alone or in conjunction with other medications to treat the disease. The use of AKG might bring novel therapy options for lung clotting and aggravation in other respiratory illnesses.

      Benefits include:

      • Helps to increase your body's collagen levels and makes your skin look young and healthy.
      • Prevents osteoporosis and age-related damage to your bones.
      • Works as an antioxidant to help prevent oxidative damage.
      • Mimics the effect of fasting even when you are not fasting.
      • Helps in epigenetic regulation which is a major hallmark of ageing.
      • Helps in controlling various cellular mechanisms involved in ageing.

      However, critical evidence remains absent. So far, AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate) has been termed as a product that is the nitrogen-free portion of the amino acids known as glutamine and glutamic acid, which is involved in protein synthesis that may play a role in supporting healthy blood glucose levels.

      Thus targeting the fundamental age processes is the secret to combat ageing and increase Longevity. It appears that only around 20% of how long we survive is determined by our genes, with the remaining 80% determined by our lifestyle factors.

      This implies that we already have tremendous influence and command regarding our health in terms of averting chronic illnesses and extending our lives. Throughout all phases of evolution and stages of human variation, lifestyle has an impact on longevity.


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