Decode Age Defines New Era in Longevity with Shark Tank Success

Decode Age on Shark Tank India

      Decode Age, a pioneering health and wellness brand specialising in longevity solutions made a remarkable appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3. 

      Decode Age leads in healthy ageing with its advanced Gut Microbiome research and Next-Generation Sequencing Lab, providing India's first comprehensive Gut Microbiome identifying not only bacteria but also viruses, archaea and fungi. Their clinically proven health supplements like Ca-AKG, Senolytics and NMN (NAD+ Booster) showcase their expertise and commitment to improving wellness and longevity.

      Meet the Founders 

      Rakesh Somani, CFO; Parth Amin, CEO; and Darshit Patel, CSO; are the co-founders of Decode Age. The company was registered in August 2021 and launched its first product range in November 2021. 

      Decode Age Shark Tank Pitch, Key Moments and Deals 

      The founders took to the stage to introduce their scientifically-backed approach to combating the effects of ageing, through a combination of supplements, biological age testing, and gut microbiome testing.

      The presentation commenced with an explanation of the difference between chronological age and biological age, highlighting that age is not the problem, but the associated health issues are. These problems arise from the biological hallmarks of ageing. Decode Age aims to tackle the root causes of ageing through its innovative 3P approach. This involves: 

      • Prevention: by providing supplements to mitigate age-related symptoms 
      • Prediction: by conducting tests to predict health trajectories 
      • Personalisation: by creating personalised health protocols to reverse biological ageing

      Seeking to expand their impact, the founders proposed an investment of INR 1 Crore for 1.25% equity, valuing the company at INR 80 Crores. 

      The pitch sparked an engaging discussion among the Sharks- who were baffled by the concept of different types of ageing, with questions ranging from the founders' backgrounds and roles within the organisation to the demand and business model for their innovative products.

      Anupam Mittal, recognising the potential of Decode Age from a previous meeting, led the discussions. His fellow Sharks, Amit Jain, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, and Vineeta Singh, further explored the feasibility and scalability of Decode Age's offerings. 

      • Amit Jain was keen to understand the specific roles each founder played within the organization.
      • Aman Gupta, in a playful vein, commented on the founders' appearances relative to their product claims, asking about their ages. 
      • Namita Thapar sought detailed insights into their procedures and business intricacies to gauge the company's potential.
      • Vineeta Singh delved into the business model and market demand for Decode Age's innovative offerings.

      Updates: Deal Secured from Anupam Mittal

      Decode Age secured a deal of INR 1 Crore for 2.25% Equity With 1% Royalty (with a clause) Until INR 1.5 Crores is recouped from Anupam Mittal. This investment validates the potential of Decode Age's approach to longevity and paves the way for the brand to make a significant difference in promoting healthy ageing across India.

      Potential of the Company

      Decode Age has garnered strategic partnerships, recognition, and a dedicated customer base, all of which underscore its commitment to innovating and expanding in the wellness and longevity sector. The company's efforts are fueled by advanced research and collaborations with hospital chains, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes, aiming to redefine healthy ageing through improved customer accessibility.

      Customer base and reviews

      Decode Age has built a vibrant community of loyal customers united by a shared passion for healthy ageing. This dedicated group is more than just customers; they understand and advocate proactive health and personalised wellness, exchanging their ideologies, scientific advancements and reviews about longevity solutions. 

      Current Valuation and What Next for Decode Age

      Decode Age is currently seeking to raise 2 million USD at its present valuation. Looking ahead, the company plans to broaden its reach into international markets, including the United States, the GCC region, and the UK. It plans to introduce India's most affordable blood-based biological age test, alongside biome testing at around 30 USD, to make its services accessible to a wider audience. This move aims to make advanced health diagnostics more accessible to the wider Indian population. The company also emphasises personalised health journeys through online consultation services, catering to individual health needs and preferences.

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      1) Who are the founders of Decode Age?
      Rakesh Somani, Parth Amin, and Darshit Patel are the co-founders of Decode Age.

      2) When was Decode Age founded?
      The company was registered in August 2021 and launched its first product range in November 2021.

      3) What is Decode Age that appeared on Shark Tank Season 3?
      Decode Age is a startup featured on Shark Tank India Season 3, specialising in healthy ageing solutions. They focus on addressing ageing's root causes through prevention with supplements, prediction via biological and gut microbiome testing, and personalised health protocols.

      4) Did Decode Age secure a deal?
      Yes, Decode Age secured a deal from Shark Anupam Mittal, CEO of, of INR 1 Crore for 2.25% Equity With 1% Royalty(with a clause) Until INR 1.5 Crores is recouped.

      5) What was the valuation of Decode Age in Shark Tank?
      Decode Age secured an investment deal on Shark Tank India, valuing the company at INR 44.44 Crores.

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