Age and Age-related Disorders

Age and Age-related Disorders

Our yearning for eternity has been a widespread aspiration ever since the beginning of human society. Since time unknown, the concept of eternity has attracted us so much that we ended up making fantasy novels like “A Life Eternal” by Richard Aryl and movies like “Only Lovers Left Alive” on them; time and again. Imagine what will happen if we end up actually obtaining the object of our fantasies?!

While eternity is not something that we can vouch on but living longer might as well be within our grasp!!

Human longevity has expanded substantially over previous decades as a means of an improved standard of living as well as the constant advancement of healthcare equipment.Our lifespan expectancy has thus advanced dramatically in recent years, but unfortunately that hasn't been matched with an improvement in our healthspan.

At the moment, ageing biology study is concentrating on deciphering the molecular and metabolic mechanisms that contribute to ageing throughout time. Genomic instability, telomere shortening, as well as cellular senescence, are only a few of the ageing factors that have been discovered, as of yet. Numerous age-related diseases, such as frailty syndrome, sarcopenia, COPD, are caused by ageing.

Frailty, modest cognitive decline, as well as metabolic disorders are all common symptoms of geriatric conditions. Frailty is defined as a multifaceted illness marked by a deterioration of physiological resources, a weak reaction to, or recuperation from (only modest) stressors in the aged. This situation makes you more vulnerable to a variety of negative health consequences and is linked to higher mortality and fatality.

Another notable factor is the gradual loss of skeletal muscular volume, endurance, and performance, known as sarcopenia. It is among the foremost ubiquitous yet macroscopic processes associated with ageing. Sarcopenia is linked to a lower standard of living in older people and seems to be a major risk determinant for unfavourable health outcomes such as disability, weakness, functional impairment, sickness, and death.

Notice how most of these factors have a lot to do with our standard of living both during our teens and as we grow older. Meaning they are things that just might be under our control. How exciting can it get more than this??
This proves that it is high time we start taking all those movies and fantasy novels more seriously !!

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