IISc collaborates with Decode Age to Solve Ageing for India

IISc collaborates with Decode Age to Solve Ageing for India
      The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) launched the Longevity India Initiative, a platform to bring the Indian longevity ecosystem together to solve ageing and add healthy years to the ageing population of India.

      India is currently undergoing significant demographic shifts characterized by increasing longevity and declining fertility rates. These changes have resulted in a substantial rise in the population of elderly individuals aged 60 and above. In the 2011 census, this age group comprised 8.6% of the total population, amounting to 103 million people. With an annual growth rate of approximately 3%, it is projected that by 2050, the elderly population will reach 319 million. Furthermore, including those in the pre-retirement phase (aged 45 and above), the older adult population is expected to exceed 650 million by 2050. Addressing the challenges associated with ageing through effective interventions is crucial.

      One viable approach to mitigate these challenges is to enhance the health span, or the number of healthy years, of the ageing population. This strategy not only reduces the economic strain associated with healthcare costs but also significantly improves the quality of life for the elderly. By focusing on extending healthspan, we can proactively address the issues arising from an increasingly ageing population and ensure a more sustainable future for all.

      The Longevity India Initiative unites a multidisciplinary team of experts from academia, industry, and healthcare to tackle complex challenges associated with ageing. This initiative will utilize advanced research to create interventions aimed at more effectively managing age-related diseases.

      Decode Age is excited to announce our partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) through the Longevity India Initiative. As an industry partner, we are committed to supporting this important endeavor by providing our technology at an accessible cost. Our goal is to ensure that the population of India ages gracefully and healthily.

      Decode Age stands out as one of the pioneering longevity companies in India. It offers innovative interventions, including supplements and tests, that target the biological causes of ageing. This approach positions Decode Age at the forefront of the industry, providing essential services aimed at enhancing the healthspan of the ageing population.

      To learn more about the Longevity India Initiative and explore collaboration opportunities, please visit Longevity India.

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