Stamina Booster Bundle

Stamina Booster Bundle

Introducing VitalForce from Decode Age. A triad for the modern achiever. SportVit fuels your day with optimized, sustained energy. LongeVit elevates your cellular vitality and cognitive function. TMG rounds out the trio, underpinning a foundation for longevity. This isn't just science; it's your enhanced way of life.
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Your Healthy Ageing Journey Starts Here. Decode Age’s Stamina Booster Bundle

Increases Energy Levels

LongeVit's NMN, CoQ10, and Calcium-Alpha-Ketoglutarate power cellular energy production. Combined with SportVit's L-Taurine, they optimize your body for sustained energy, enhancing performance during longer workouts.

Enhances Aerobic Endurance

The synergy enhances cardiovascular health, energy, and antioxidants, improving VO₂ max - a measure of your body's oxygen utilisation during exercise. Improved blood flow, reduced oxidative stress, and increased energy collectively sustain endurance in aerobic activities.

Improves Focus and Clarity

The cumulative effects improve cognitive health and enhance brain blood flow, leading to improved focus and cognitive function while protecting against oxidative stress. Experience enhanced mental clarity, focus, mood, and reduced anxiety.

Supports Muscle Recovery

The supplements collaborate to promote healthy inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and alleviate muscle soreness and pain, synergistically supporting quick muscle recovery after activity.

Supports Cardiovascular Function

The synergistic impact of TMG, LongeVit, and SportVit reduces homocysteine, improves arterial flexibility, decreases stiffness, manages stress, provides antioxidant properties, and offers anti-inflammatory support for overall cardiovascular function.

Reduces Fatigue

The synergy of TMG, LongeVit, and SportVit enhances mitochondrial health, boosts NAD+, reduces stress, improves muscle function and recovery, and increases cellular energy, consequently reducing fatigue.


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