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Jagan L

Senior Bioinformatician

I've been part of the team since Decode Age's very start. My core focus has been on understanding gut microbiome-host interactions in health and disease, leading innovative research, and guiding our company's path in bioinformatics. It has been an incredible experience evolving personally alongside the company’s growth.

Sneha Upreti

Research Analyst

I began my professional journey as a Research Analyst at Decode Age, and it has been an enriching one. My role involves translating complex scientific data into comprehensible insights. The company promotes teamwork and merges expert knowledge with innovative ideas.

Ananya Kallapur

Customer Relationship Management

As a rapidly growing company in a booming industry, Decode Age offers dynamic work environments and opportunities. Working in the Customer Care and Relationship Management area, I can personally attest to the company's dedication to improving the health span and well-being of its customers. It has been quite inspiring here to work with how Science can be applied to improve our wellbeing.

Poojitha Parinam

Nutrigenomic Associate

Choosing to work at Decode Age has been a great start to my career as someone passionate about gut health. As a Nutrigenomic Associate, I provide Holistic nutrition solutions for long-term well-being by interpreting evidence based gut microbiome information. I especially appreciate how the company encourages continuous learning and innovation! -

Sonal Chavan

Laboratory Head

I feel privileged to work in India’s first longevity company, as leading laboratory sciences in production and research in gut microbiome and its role in longevity. Being one of the early members who joined the company, I am learning to fill the gap in between scientific learnings and population. It’s been a great learning experience for me and the company, pioneering in new technologies in advancement of longevity science.

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