Decode Age® Announces New Scientific Advisory Board

Decode Age Scientific Advisory Board

      12th March 2024, Bangalore: Decode Age, a pioneer in the longevity and wellness sector, is thrilled to announce the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). This esteemed panel brings together preeminent figures from a spectrum of disciplines including clinical research, academia, medicine, bioinformatics, and biotechnology, empowering Decode Age to navigate the complexities of ageing with unparalleled innovation. Among the founding members are Dr Ohad Manor, acclaimed for his groundbreaking work in computational biology and microbiome research, and Dr Vishal Rao, a visionary in the realm of robotic surgical oncology, aligning Decode Age's mission with the peak of scientific and medical expertise.

      Empowering Longevity Through Expert Collaboration

      The formation of the SAB underscores Decode Age's commitment to blending scientific rigour with strategic innovation. 

      Dr Ohad Manor, PhD

      Dr Ohad Manor

      Dr. Ohad Manor, PhD, brings over a decade of pioneering expertise to the intersection of computational biology and microbiome technology. Currently, he leads as the Director of Computational Biology and Data Science at Century Therapeutics, based in New York. Beyond his primary role, Dr. Manor enriches the scientific community as a Scientific Advisor at DropBio, InsideTracker and an Associate Editor at Frontiers, contributing to advancing bioinformatics and genomics.

      His specialisation in deciphering complex genomic and microbiome data sets him apart, with a talent for making intricate scientific insights accessible to a wider audience. Dr Manor's career is highlighted by his significant impact on the field, as evidenced by his work being cited over 6,000 times. This impact (h-index: 22) highlights his contributions to computational biology and its application in enhancing health and wellness.

      Recently appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of Decode Age, Dr Manor is set to play a crucial role in shaping the company's Longevity and Gut Microbiome Research initiatives. His expertise in data science and biome research is instrumental in driving Decode Age's initiatives to improve life quality through groundbreaking microbiome interventions. 

      “Decode Age is building a world-class team and suite of services across the microbiome and longevity ecosystem. I am looking forward to helping the team in establishing rigorous scientific processes and collaborations, to serve individuals on their journey to healthier, longer lives.” -Dr Ohad Manor

      Dr. (Prof) U S Vishal Rao, MS, FRCS (Glasgow), FACS (USA)

      Dr. (Prof) U S Vishal Rao

      Dr. (Prof) U S Vishal Rao, MS, FRCS (Glasgow), FACS (USA), and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a luminary in the field of surgical oncology and a beacon of innovation and humanitarianism. As the country director and HOD for Head Neck Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery at the HealthCare Global (HCG) Hospital, Bangalore.


      He also is the Dean for the Centre of Academic Research, at HCG Hospitals. Dr. Rao's leadership in cancer care is unparalleled and he stands out not only for his surgical expertise but also for his innovative contributions to improving patient outcomes. His invention of the Aum Voice Prosthesis, a low-cost device that grants throat cancer patients the ability to speak again, has been celebrated as one of the top 100 global social innovations, receiving accolades from BBC, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes. 

      Dr. Rao's relentless pursuit of innovation is further evidenced by his holding more than 18 patents for medical devices, drugs, techniques, and theories. His dedication to improving healthcare outcomes extends beyond the operating room and laboratory; he actively participates in shaping policy and research agendas as a consultant to the Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India, and the Vision Group for Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka. His impact extends beyond borders, with over 100 national and international publications to his credit. He is also the editor at Precision Oncology and holds other significant roles in advisory capacities, including with the WHO.

      Recently appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of Decode Age, Dr Rao brings a wealth of knowledge in oncology, immunology and the role of microbiome. His expertise is precious in exploring the connections between cancer, the immune system, the microbiome, and health policies, aligning with Decode Age's mission to enhance health span through innovative research. 

      “Often, cancer and longevity are perceived as being at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet they share intriguing commonalities that illuminate the complexity of our biology. Reflecting on the impact of cancer and the pursuit of enhanced healthcare, insights from longevity research offer hope for a future centred on proactive and personalised wellness. At Decode Age, we share this aspiration. By exploring the interplay between cancer, immunity, and the microbiome, I look forward to building a longevity ecosystem.” - Dr U.S. Vishal Rao

      Vision of Decode Age

      Decode Age is on a mission to become a global leader in the field of longevity sciences, beginning with the establishment of its new Scientific Advisory Board. In the upcoming years, the company plans to augment this team with leading experts, supported by strategic partnerships and collaborations with premier research institutes and recent funding from Shark Tank India will only propel this further. 

      "The influence of our advisors will be apparent in several of our projects and technologies, including our health supplements, advanced ageing models—including the Blood-based biological age test and the Decode Biome test—and our AI/ML-powered research tools. We expect their ongoing impact to be significant in the years ahead, particularly in terms of achieving breakthroughs like enhancing the precision of personalised health interventions and broadening our predictive health analytics capabilities," says Darshit Patel, CSO and co-founder of Decode Age. 

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