Can ageing be slowed down?

The answer is, YES.

Fig: The picture depicts a truck driver who has spent years behind the wheel, with one side of his face constantly exposed to the sun while the other remains shielded. The side exposed to the sun aged much faster due to UV damage to the DNA.

Ageing Science is much more beyond UV rays and sunscreen.

It all started in 1930 with a paper published by Dr. Clive McCay of Cornell University, New York, in which he demonstrated that if mice are starved, their lifespan increases by 33%. Additionally, they lived healthier for longer.

Following this discovery, many researchers across the globe have increased the lifespan and health span in dierent model organisms using caloric restriction as a tool

Research carried out by various scientists across prestigious institutes shows that caloric restriction increases lifespan by up to 300% in yeast and around 20% in dogs.

The Biological Reasons of Ageing

The quest to understand the molecular mechanisms behind ageing went beyond calorie restriction and now the understanding of how ageing takes place at the molecular and cellular levels has been summarized into the “14 hallmarks of ageing”.

Elizabeth Blackburn, a scientist from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, discovered a molecular mechanism known as telomere shortening, which is one of the hallmarks of age.

Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes protecting our DNA. It is found in various organisms including humans that with age these telomeres get shortened leading to cell death and eventually tissue dysfunction.

Fig: In 2009, Elizabet Blackburn, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery of how telomeres and the telomerase enzyme function.

Decode Age’s Approach Towards Solving Ageing.

We tend to provide interventions based on the latest advances in ageing research across the globe. We believe that one needs to be proactive when it comes to solving ageing, and we advocate for the P4 approach in addressing it

The P4 approach stands for prediction, prevention, personalization, and participation.


At Decode Age, our R&D team is working relentlessly to develop India’s most advanced gut microbiome data, which will help provide a comprehensive health and longevity status.


The supplement range provided by Decode Age targets various hallmarks of ageing. By addressing ageing at the biological level, one can delay its harmful eects and maintain better health for a longer period.


We provide personalization through our Decode Biome and BioAge tests along with doctor consulatation so that you can make best health decisions for healthy ageing and longevity.


We have created a community where people interested in healthy ageing and longevity can participate in various discussions related to the various solutions that can help to age gracefully.