Exploring the Science Behind NMM and Its Impact on Individuals

Science Behind NMM

      NMN is crucial for maintaining NAD+ levels, essential for cellular metabolism, and was discovered in 1906. Found in foods like broccoli and cabbage, NMN supports metabolic communication and can convert to NAD+ efficiently. Supplementation with NMN has shown potential benefits, including reducing age-related inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function, and enhancing brain health. This positions NMN as a promising healthy ageing supplement with broad physiological impacts.

      What is NMN?

      NMN, a water-soluble vitamin B3 derivative, is key for cellular energy production, acting as a precursor to NAD+, which is vital for numerous cell functions. It exists in two forms; only the beta form is active, with a molecular weight of 334.221 g/mol. NMN is converted to NAD+ by mitochondrial enzymes and can interchange with NR (nicotinamide riboside) via the NRK enzyme, affecting health-related pathways, including those affecting cardiac and brain health, Alzheimer's, and diabetes. Ageing increases NAD+-consuming enzymes like sirtuins, PARP, and CD38, reducing their levels. NMN supplementation helps replenish NAD+ levels, offering potential health benefits (Poddar et al., 2019).

      How does NMN help with healthy ageing and longevity?

      Cellular NAD+ levels tend to decline with age and in response to stress. In ageing cells, the decreasing NAD+ may serve as a limiting cofactor for crucial processes such as DNA repair, mitochondrial function, redox reactions, and essential metabolic pathways. Consequently, supplying cells with an exogenous NAD+ source, like nicotinamide, NR, or NMN, is anticipated to yield positive effects during the ageing process. Indeed, substantial experimental evidence supports this idea, illustrating that agents promoting endogenous NAD+ production can extend lifespan and health span across various species, from yeast to humans. While the exact mechanism is not fully understood, it appears to involve the activation of sirtuins, more effective DNA repair, and the stimulation of mitophagy. NMN supplementation boosts SIRT1 activity and alleviates the phenotypes linked with ageing and mitochondrial diseases in several animal models. Numerous cell-based studies suggest that external NAD+ impedes DNA damage, improves DNA repair efficiency, and enhances mitochondrial function. (Fakouri et al., 2018)

      Best NMN in India

      Understanding NMN's Impact on Ageing Hallmarks

      Declining NAD+ levels in tissues and cells are associated with ageing indicators. It influences diverse cellular functions, including metabolism, DNA repair, and immune activity, acting as a vital co-factor in 500+ metabolic processes. Notably, NMN targets ageing hallmarks, presenting a promising approach to address age-related cellular decline and enhance overall well-being.

      DNA Repair

      NMN acts as a precursor to NAD+, a critical coenzyme for various cellular functions, including DNA repair. NMN supplementation can increase NAD+ levels, promoting the activity of enzymes like sirtuins and PARPs, essential for DNA repair. By enhancing DNA repair, NMN potentially contributes to maintaining DNA integrity and reducing the risk of mutations and associated health issues. (Surjana et al., 2010)

      Mitigating Telomere Dysfunction

      Dysfunction of telomeres in cells and tissues results in the downregulation of sirtuins. Elevating NAD+ levels stabilises telomeres, mitigates the DNA damage response, and enhances telomere-related fibrosis in a partially Sirt1-dependent manner. Additionally, NMN supplementation protects in situations of increased DNA damage. (Amano et al., 2019)

      Enhance Epigenetic Regulation

      Ageing is associated with a decrease in various bodily functions and notable changes in epigenetic markers, such as alterations in DNA methylation, histone adjustments, chromatin structures, regulation by non-coding RNAs, and modifications in RNA. NAD+, an essential redox coenzyme, plays a significant role in the ageing process by facilitating DNA repair and epigenetic modulation. The activity of sirtuins, which are crucial for deacetylating histones and thereby regulating epigenetic ageing, depends on the availability of NAD+. To counteract the age-related decline in NAD+ levels, supplementation with precursors such as NMN, NR, and NAM can be beneficial. These supplements help sustain NAD+ concentrations, offering protective effects against the progression of ageing and associated diseases. (Wang et al., 2022)

      Enhances Mitochondrial Function

      Mitochondrial dysfunction, recognised as a hallmark of ageing, is characterised by compromised mitochondrial integrity and biogenesis, heightened levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), reduced ATP synthesis, low mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), and a decreased oxygen consumption rate (OCR). NMN boosts mitochondrial NAD+ levels, normalises the NAD+/NADH ratio, preserves mitochondrial homeostasis, restores muscle stem cell function, and proficiently tackles mitochondrial dysfunction by reducing ROS accumulation, repairing DNA damage, and compensating for NAD+ deficiency-induced cell survival defects. (H. Wang et al., 2022) 

      Improves Nutrient Sensing

      NMN plays a crucial role in nutrient sensing. It is a precursor to NAD+, a vital molecule in metabolic pathways. NAD+ and its counterpart NADH serve as electron carriers and cofactors for sirtuins. NAMPT, an enzyme, regulates the NAD+/NADH ratio, reflecting cell metabolism. In times of nutrient scarcity, an elevated ratio activates sirtuins, impacting diverse functions like energy metabolism, DNA repair, and stress response, influencing overall cellular survival and ageing processes. Sirtuins, which are dependent on NAD+, play a pivotal role in sensing and responding to changes in cellular energy levels. (Hadem et al., 2020) 

      List of people who have benefited from Decode Age’s NMN supplementation 

      Explore the stories of individuals who have experienced positive outcomes through Decode Age's NMN supplementation. Discover real-life accounts that highlight the potential benefits of incorporating NMN  into daily routines.

      Dr. Raman Krishnan: NMN - It's not like coffee; when you take it, there's no rush at all. You're just normal. But what you find out is that, at the end of the day, the activity is very high.

      Dr. Raman Krishnan faced the challenge of optimising his health despite an active lifestyle. Through extensive research on fasting effects and NMN supplements, he overcame this challenge. Incorporating Decode Age NMN into his routine resulted in increased flexibility, improved athletic performance, and quicker workout recovery, showcasing NMN's efficacy in achieving his health goals.

      Gautam Kalra - NMN is my top go-to

      Gautam Kalra, concerned about ageing amid the impact of COVID-19, addressed the vulnerability by adopting a proactive approach. He implemented a daily routine with 10,000 steps, weight lifting, and a nutritious diet. Gautam enhanced his healthy ageing journey by incorporating Decode Age supplements like NMN, spermidine, SeneVit, and trans-resveratrol. This combined lifestyle and supplementation approach resulted in positive changes, notably improving his weightlifting performance.

      Karan Seth - Disease-free life is the fundamental right of every Human Being

      Karan Seth addressed well-being issues and fatigue by reevaluating his supplement approach. Incorporating expert-recommended products such as Decode Age NMN, Resveratrol, SeneVit, ResVit, and vitamins, he experienced increased energy levels and reduced fatigue. 

      Nayanava De - My Athletic performance has improved with NMN

      Nayanava, an Adobe software engineer, sought effective interventions for healthy ageing for his parents. Extensively researching strategies and influenced by figures like Andrew Huberman, he applied exercise and supplementation, notably discovering the benefits of NMN supplements from the Decode Age. These supplements improved his aerobic endurance and energy levels, inspiring him to introduce them to his parents for enhanced health and longevity.

      Harmil Shah - you don’t have to be a monk to live a longer life

      Harmil Shah, an entrepreneur, overcame health challenges like fatty liver, uric acid issues, and joint pain by incorporating products from Decode Age, including Resvit, LongeVit. Now NMN, and resveratrol, alongside other supplements. Gradually implementing these changes allowed Harmil to address his health issues successfully, paving the way for longevity and wellness through the Decode Age.

      Meenakshi Karanth - Started to look younger than my age

      Meenakshi Karanth, an event designer, attributes her youthful appearance and energy to the Decode Age NMN. Despite no exercise, NMN allows her to easily handle a 10,000-step walk and a demanding job without fatigue. Introduced to NMN by her nutritionist, NMN emerged as a game-changer in decoding age and promoting overall well-being.


      In conclusion, the compelling evidence supports NMN supplementation as an effective strategy for addressing age-related complications and promoting cellular regeneration. Its positive impact on various physiological functions, including mitochondrial health, insulin regulation, and cognitive function, underscores its potential as a nutraceutical anti-ageing intervention. The experiences of individuals benefiting from Decode Age's NMN supplementation further highlight its promising role in enhancing health and longevity.


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      1) Do NMN supplements really work?

      NMN supplements showed positive results in clinical trials, increasing cellular NAD+ levels and enhancing energy, walking capacity, and overall health. Orally administering 900mg of β-NMN was safe with no adverse effects, offering insights into its efficacy as a potential anti-ageing supplement. These studies suggest the potency of NMN supplementation with Decode Age Utherver NMN, increasing NAD+ by 38% in 3 months.

      2) How long does it take for NMN to be effective?

      The impact of NMN's effectiveness is influenced by one's initial condition, the level of accumulated damage, and individual metabolism. Similar to the gradual decline of NAD, the advantages of NMN also build up gradually over time.

      3) Why is NMN so expensive?

      The cost of pure, top-notch NMN is high because it adheres to the highest standards and It undergoes an advanced production method, ensuring a guaranteed minimum of 99% purity, along with strict safety measures to meet nutraceutical standards. This ensures that you receive the best health supplements with minimal potential for impurities.

      4) Should I take NAD or NMN?

      Using NMN is the most effective method to enhance NAD+ levels. NMN is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream and consistently raises NAD+ levels over an extended period. Elevating NMN provides the same advantages as NAD+, especially in addressing age-related vision and hearing loss. It activates genes promoting longevity and anti-ageing, such as sirtuin genes.

      5) What type of NMN should I buy?

      Beta NMN is a good choice, as it is the only bioavailable form. In the market, Decode Age's Uthever® Beta-NMN stands out as the best choice as it is renowned for its high purity and efficacy, backed by rigorous quality control measures and clinical trials. 

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