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Decode Biome

Microorganisms are our first neighbours. Be it the desk you are working on, the bed you
sleep on, or the water that your drink, they are in the true sense, omnipresent.

One of the most interesting places you could find them is within your very gut, wherein lives a million of them, starting from bacteria, to fungi, and even viruses, together they are
called Gut Microbiome.

They have lived here since Day 1, and plan to stay here forever. These “closest neighbours”
in our gut, influence our health, most times positively, but sometimes negatively. When the
gut microbiome changes to elicit negative effects on health, we call it Gut Dysbiosis.
It’s not just who lives in our gut, but what they are doing, that matters. This is where Decode Biome, makes a difference.

Rs. 9,999.00 Rs. 15,000.00

Decode Biome

Rs. 9,999.00 Rs. 15,000.00


  • More about Decode Age

    Decode Age, more than being a precision nutrition company, is also a brand that is on a mission to research the methods of mankind’s biggest quest - which is to live longer. Decode Age have been deeply researched in various arenas to explore the secrets that are hidden in DNA of our bodies to bring out solutions to live a longer life. The advances in medical sciences have made people eat healthier, get better care, and develop better habits, which in turn have helped in increasing the average human lifespan. Decode Age have been formulating products which will make your dream of being called a centenarian.

  • Why should you monitor your Microbiome?

    All polyphenol compounds have a low bioavailability. Thus, despite its high bioactivity, Resveratrol is not optimally bioavailable and gets rapidly cleared from the plasma. To overcome this, we recommend taking Trans-Resveratrol supplements.

  • More about your individual gut microbiome test

    Almost all naturally occurring compounds exist in two forms - cis and trans. The pure trans form of Resveratrol has higher bioavailability compared to its plant extract, which is a mixture of cis and trans forms.