Senolytic Activator

Cellular senescence is a natural part of the aging process in which cells no longer function optimally. Senescent cells can accumulate over time, affecting the day-to-day function of the healthy cells around them. Senolytic compounds selectively target senescent cells.

Senolytic Activator Benefits

  • Helps the body manage senescent cells
  • Promotes youthful, healthy cellular function
  • Supports systemic rejuvenation
  • Made with Apigenin, plus highly absorbable Quercetin and Fisetin.
  • Convenient twice-a-week dosing

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Decode Age Capsule Fisetin 99% Pure - 100mg, 30 Veg CapsulesFisetin Supplement 100 mg | Rejuvenate Cells and Reduce Inflammation | 30 capsules
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Decode Age Capsule Bioactive Quercetin - 100mg , 30 Veg CapsulesQuercetin 100mg | Relieve Allergies, Reduce Inflammation & Improve Cellular Health | 30 Capsules
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Decode Age Senolytic Activator Bundle
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