The magic pill for your menopause

The magic pill for your menopause , The menstrual cycle

Trying to understand the connection between female fertility and ageing is like trying to decode Shakespeare.

Why? Because the onset of menopause with the fall of our oocyte integrity occurs within a specified time gap. Identifying this timeframe and the causes behind such a gap period could extend the female reproductive lifetime.

As females, our capacity to conceive is indirectly proportional to our age. The older you become the lower your chances to get pregnant. You could compare such a phenomenon to a reversed snowball. But, from the scientific point of view, the quality of your ovarian follicles (assisting your ovum) declines rapidly with age. This process of steady decline ultimately culminates in menopause.

David A. Sinclair conducted an experiment on aged model organisms with NMN (a vitamin B3 derivative). They observed that NMN has the potential to impact menopause positively. Upon supplementation, with NMN these aged mice demonstrated longer periods of reproduction (longer timeframes). Their findings suggest that NMN could be useful in potentially delaying as well as reversing menopause. It also has significant prospects as a non-invasive reproductive therapy.


Any female’s reproductive ability is characterised by their cyclical activities. This can be determined by the formation and maturation of the most dominant oocyte.

Ovarian follicles are small fluid-filled sacs that emit hormones. These follicles impact our menstrual cycle phases and possess the ability to discharge an egg (ovum) for fertilisation.

Human ovaries generally create one dominant follicle, which leads to a single ovulation every menstrual cycle. Before releasing an ovum, these reproductive structures go through multiple distinct stages. The stages begin with a store of dormant primary follicles established at an early age and end with either implantation or demise.

Multiple follicles form inside the ovaries throughout every menstrual period. Every follicle carries one embryo, but only one follicle develops further. Following that, this follicle delivers one egg (ovulation), as well as the shattered follicle heals and produces a corpus luteum. If the egg is poorly fertilised, the corpus luteum deteriorates, and then a fresh monthly cycle starts, dependent on the ovarian stage.

 The menstrual cycle

Figure: The menstrual cycle (1)

Menopause occurs 12 months following a female's final menstrual. Menopause usually begins around the ages of 45-55. It normally lasts up to 7 years but could last up to fourteen years. This length varies depending on lifestyles like smoking, one’s age, ethnicity, race and the age at which menopause begins.

What are the three types of menopause?

  1. Peri-menopause is typically the period just before menopause. It is a period in which hormonal levels begin to fall. This causes menstrual periods to become chaotic and unpredictable. One may begin to experience menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness. Women could also experience shifts in their regular cycles. This phenomenon is referred to as the menopausal changeover
  2. Menopause happens when a female has finished generating the hormones that produce her monthly cycle and have gone 12 months without menstruation.
  3. Post-menopause is the period that follows menopause. Females will be in this stage for their remaining life once this occurs. Postmenopausal women are more likely to have health problems such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

What happens when menopause hits?

The body's generation of estrogen and progesterone (two hormones produced by the ovaries) changes dramatically during peri-menopause. Such a menopausal shift impacts every woman differently and uniquely.

By the time women reach menopause, their ovaries start producing very little estrogen and progesterone. Certain people are continually affected by low hormone production.

The system starts using energy diversely, fat deposits alter, and women are more prone to weight gain. Modifications in bones and cardiovascular health, appearance and structure, or physical performance could occur.


All living things include the bimolecular nutrient nicotinamide mononucleotide by nature. NMN aids in cellular function optimization, which slows down ageing. It is made up of a phosphate group and a ribonucleoside. The fundamental building block of RNA is this molecule.

NMN is a direct precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), hence it is thought to be essential for raising NAD+ levels in the body. Since NAD+ is a crucial coenzyme for the healthy operation of cells, it is important to understand how it is routinely formed from its precursors. 

What NMN does do for our system?

  1. Promotes mitochondrial effectiveness

Because humans and NAD+ are two sides of the same coin, none can operate correctly without the other. Mitochondria are energy-generating powerhouses found within our cells. Reduced metabolisms would render this system ineffective, resulting in consequences such as weight gain. NAD+ promotes proper mitochondrial activity.

  1. Growing overweight

NMN has shown advantages in the setting of calorie restrictions. NMN does this by switching cells from a proliferative to a restorative state. However, it is critical to recognize that obesity is a complex issue driven by a range of other variables such as environment, lifestyle, and food.

  1. Heart achievement: 

Our heart never comes to a halt or slows down. However, it requires a considerable amount of energy, which is dependent on NMN.

  1. Repairing Genetic elements: 

NMN produces NAD+, which may activate our genetic element. NMN produces NAD+, which may activate. These are crucial in preserving the integrity of our DNA. When cells divide, the DNA at the ends of our chromosomes begins to shrink (termed telomeres). Genetic mutations arise as a result of this. Sirtuins help to reduce these cycles by safeguarding our telomeres.

  1. Improves our muscular endurance

As people become older, their muscles lose bulk and power. Maintaining high NAD+ concentrations through frequent NMN supplementation may decrease age-related muscle deterioration.

How is NMN effective in menopause?

Long-term therapy with NMN provides anti-ageing benefits on the ovaries. But how do we know that?

An experiment conducted by researchers at Jiangsu University in China proved that. They reported that 20 weeks of treatment of oral NMN therapy (0.5 mg/mL/day) produced the following results:

  1. The treatment alleviates mid-aged ovary ageing
  2. The treatment conserved the ovarian reserve of eggs.
  3. NMN therapy routine enhanced the shape of the ovaries
  4. NMN therapy routine decreased senescence in mid-aged mice

They defined ovarian ageing as the stoppage of cell reproduction that is associated with ageing. This helps us know for certain that ovarian age limits the number of eggs (ovum) and the timeframe for their fertilisation. And NMN could positively influence this timeframe.

Recently the scientific community recognized that elevated p16 levels are an indication of ovarian age. They also established that NMN reduces a senescence indicator in the ovaries of middle-aged mice.

  1. Throughout the ageing process, the p16 protein decreases the division of cells and multiplication.
  2. At 60 weeks (clinical trial), they found a significant concentration of p16 in ovarian follicles.
  3. They discovered that NMN reduced p16 levels in mouse ovaries.

The decrease in p16 levels in the ovary shows that NMN prevents ovarian tissue senescence and preserves it throughout ageing (1).

In conclusion,

Long-term NMN treatment has anti-ageing effects on the ovaries. Clinical trials demonstrated that NMN therapy improves ovarian senescence. They do that by upregulating crucial biological processes.

For example, NMN improved mitochondrial activity and the recycling of cellular damage. It was observed that when subjected to long-term NMN treatment recycling of waste (autophagy) occurred in the ovaries of mid-aged mice. Furthermore, the protein balance and antioxidant capability of follicles were restored.

Decodeage (2) obtains NMN from UTHEVER (3) and guarantees the highest quality in the industry. Intertek, the world's leading testing and certification agency, has also certified it. Human clinical testing using NMM Uthever showed that it had the highest absorption efficiency. It is also very pure, with a purity of 99% or more. The FDA has also authorised NMN.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) raises NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ is an active coenzyme that participates in over 500 activities in every cell in the body. However, as we age, our body's NAD+ levels decrease. NMN can reduce age-related weight gain, boost energy metabolism and physical activity.

DecodeAge recommends the usage of NMN and offers three different dosages of the same (250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg)

Advantages of NMN (UTHEVER)

  •         Enhances our body's NAD+ concentrations and aids in the restoration of young vitality
  •         Reduces the rate of ageing
  •         Reduces exhaustion and fatigue
  •         Enhances your body's energy levels
  •         Muscle endurance and stamina
  •         Improves DNA Repair and helps us stay young
  •         Increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to our cells and tissues

The optimum time to take an NMN supplement is in the morning, right after your first meal. It has been discovered that young individuals should take NMN six hours after they get up. For the greatest outcomes, elderly people should take it at midday for the best results.

Inspection authorities have also certified DecodeAge for high-purity raw materials. They also conduct heavy metal testing to ensure that none of the ingredients contains heavy metals and that they are safe for consumption


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