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NMN & Fat burning or dealing with obesity, NMN rich diet

If NMN can enhance exercise metabolism and weight loss in animals, there's a strong chance it can do the same for people, considering our metabolic pathways are similar to an extent.

So what is NMN?
NAD+ levels drop with age, partly because its production in the body reduces as we age, and partly because we use it up quicker the more our bodies wear and tear. Keeping NAD levels high should, in principle, keep us younger and fitter for longer, which is why NAD+ boosters - supplements that can help improve your NAD levels - are becoming more popular. Specifically, it has shown positive impacts on fitness metabolism.

What is fitness metabolism and how is it related to NMN?
Physical exercise most definitely boosts our mitochondrial function by increasing NAD+ levels, which improves metabolism. Recent research indicates that the NAD + precursor NMN, a niacin derivative, functions as an exercise mimic by boosting NAD + levels. There are 3 key aspects to consider here:-

  • Our metabolism encompasses everything the human body requires to fuel the body and keep us running.
  • Muscle cells consume more energy as well as expend a lot of calories (for eg. even while we are sitting on the sofa)
  • Aerobic training increases exercise metabolism, particularly if one is trying to gain lean body mass (increasing muscle, decreasing fat).
Here is a suggestive NMN-rich diet to help burn fat
A consistent regimen of supplements or consuming the right foods can have a compounding impact on NAD+ levels, resulting in weight reduction and anti-ageing benefits.
  • Cucumber and cabbage contains approximately 0.25-1.88mg NMN/100g
  • Fruits such as avocado and tomato contain approximately 0.26 to 1.60mg/100g
  • Raw beef, shrimp and meat produce substantially lower levels of NMN - ranging from 0.06 to 0.42mg/100g
Including these in our diet would thus enhance NAD + levels to some extent and help you decrease the consequences of ageing while burning significant calories. In any case, a nutritious diet will offer a slew of other advantages that will keep you healthier and younger for longer. Thus, combining this with exercise will help increase NAD+ levels and be less vulnerable to many age-related diseases.

Lastly, experts are certain that NMN supplementation is safe for people, but it is crucial to recognize that choosing the optimal NMN supplement is critical. There are many counterfeit items in the market that make bold claims but provide little proof to back them up.

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