Grounding: A natural therapeutic technique you must know about.

Grounding: A natural therapeutic technique you must know about.

The Earth is a gigantic battery that contains a natural electrical charge in the ground. Most of the electrical equipments are connected to the earth for safety and stability; this is called earthing or grounding.

This rule also applies to humans as our body is electrically conductive.

This conductive contact between the earth and the human body can stimulate our physiology.

Experts’ View on Grounding

This is currently an under-researched topic with a handful of scientific studies conducted, most of which are performed on our regular health issues like inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain, and mood.

One study revealed that grounding accelerates healing and reduces or eliminates inflammation. Over time, the grounding improved the immune response of grounded individuals against injury at a much faster rate than the non-grounded individuals.

Another study on grounding reported that it increases blood fluidity and reduces blood viscosity and clumping, which are associated with various cardiovascular risks. The study found that grounding increases the electrical charge on the surface of RBCs and thereby helps reduce harmful cardiovascular events.

One study on infants demonstrated that grounding stimulates our nervous system and reduces the vulnerability to stress and gastrointestinal problems.

Types of Grounding or Earthing

Several types of grounding techniques are available; all of them are focused on connecting to earth either directly or indirectly.

Walking barefoot

Do you remember the folks of previous generations living in the rural areas, how their bodies were more efficient than us despite having limited medical facilities?

Rember how people used to walk barefoot in those days; this provided them enough grounding. Thus, walking barefoot can be one way to connect with the earth.

Lying on the ground

Like walking, lying on the ground can also be another way. You can lie on the grasses in a park or just lie in the sand on a beach. This way, you can have close physical contact with the earth.

Submersing in water

Submersing underwater is also considered a good way of grounding. This can be an alternate method for those who don’t want to walk barefoot or don’t have access to lying ground.

Using grounding equipment

Individuals can also utilize another method of earthing which is used especially for electrical equipments. It involves connecting a metal rod to the ground outside and connecting it to your body through a wire.

However, if anyone is uncomfortable with this, there are alternatives such as grounding mats, grounding sheets or blankets, grounding socks, grounding bands, and patches.

These grounding equipments are easily available and offline and can be equipped in a closed environment like your bedroom or office.


Grounding or earthing is a natural therapeutic technique that is aimed at reconnecting our body to nature by physically contacting the earth. There is not much research available on this; however, several studies demonstrated positive results on health issues like stress, injuries, inflammation, chronic pain,  cardiovascular diseases, and muscle damage

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