Ageing, Lifestyle Disease

Ageing, Lifestyle Disease

Have you heard of the catchphrase: “The way you live has a big influence on your health” and “everyone wants to age well”? But do you actually believe in them? If you do then its needless to say that you are probably on the right track for a healthy life.

But, if you, by any chance, have not heard of these, then probably you need to understand them even more urgently!! Because as the famous quote says “Ageing is just another word for living”, you have to live a healthy life to age well.

There is a need to ask yourself that despite knowing that everyday factors, like junk diet and smoking, could directly manipulate pathways in your body and may or may not lead to accelerated ageing, do you honestly put much effort into changing your lifestyle?

But it is quite understandable if you are not familiar with words like “lifestyle”, “fitness” or even “ageing”. Unless such terms are well described and the significance of the term "healthy ageing" is obvious, all these will just remain catchphrases to us.

Brussow presents several essential concepts for health as well as ageing in his paper "What is health."; Ageing is a steady deterioration of our body's structural and functional process or a recession of physiology coupled with the progression of age.

During the year 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) also described health as "a condition of total physiological, intellectual, and societal well-being, not merely the lack of illness or disability." ".. When it comes to the phrase "healthy or effective ageing," certain requirements must be completed.

The Nurses' Health Study researchers continued to expand those requirements and divided them into 4 groups: (a) to be independent of 11 chronic conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular- vascular, respiratory, renal, as well as Parkinson's disease; (b) having no cognitive deficits; (c) having no physical impairment; and (d) having no psychological health constraints.

What about you? Are you healthy according to the health study guidelines? If not then you probably need to rethink your lifestyle and the choices that you are making. But then again the decision is yours to make.

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